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erza knightwalker

  1. SamanPatou

    Erza Knightwalker vs Bishamon

    Spear vs Katana! The demon Jedah was forcefully dragging strong individuals to his realm, but something went wrong and the accursed samurai Bishamon was drifted away in the infinite corridors of space-time, to a faraway world, Edolas. At the end of the day, the demonic items don't care that...
  2. GuildZero

    Possibly FTL or SOL Fairy Tail Feat

    I know Fairy Tail on vsbattles are not scaled to ftl and stings dragon slayer roar is not considered light speed since it uses holy energy not light. Which on the sting feat I 100% agree with but this feat during the edolas arc of erza scarlet vs knightwalker should be considered a SOL attack...
  3. Schnee_One

    Redhead vs Redhead

    For Weekly. 8A versions, fight in the Beacon Tournament. Ruby Rose: 2 Erza Knightwalker:
  4. Kambings4life

    Erza knigtwalker vs Ben tennyson

    VS -11 year old be (so he gets feedback too) -ben has master control (if it turns out to be too much then I'll remove it and just add the ability to quick change a few times like his older self) -ben has every alien he ever unlocked in the original series,including feedback, but no way big...
  5. WeeklyBattles

    Erza Knightwalker vs Pyrrha Nikos

    Two red-headed spear wielders, one cold and sadistic, the other kind and compassionate. In character, no prior knowledge or prep time, who wins?