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duke fishron

  1. Half_Shiny

    Small Terraria CRT

    Terrarian (Early Game) Water Walking: Water Walking boots allows for walking on water and water walking potion Also should the boss summoning items count for summoning? Duke Fishron, Plantera, Brain of Cthulu, Golem, Empress of Light Large Size (type 0): is 5 to 7.4 meters in size Eater of...
  2. EmbalmerMaster9000

    Terraria's low 7-B rating: How does a fog scale to AP again?

    I've joked about this on a communication platform with other VBW members but I decided to actually deal with it outright - the Terrarian's low 7-B rating is a bit weird, to say at the least. My main gripe with the Low 7-B ratings are how they exactly scale from Duke Fishro from an AP...
  3. Keeweed

    Duke Fishron vs Amber (RWBY)

    I wanted Duke to fight Cinderfall, but I feel like she may stomp him so I'll test the waters with Amber. Speed is equalized, Amber is high 7-C, and both start within talking distance. Man Bear Pig: Cute Plot Device: Inconclusive:
  4. Keeweed

    Duke Fishron vs the Doom Guy

    Well I already put the Terrarian versus the Cyberdemon, so let's see if the Doom Slayer can beat one of most aggressive bosses in Terraria. Low 7-B keys for both of them, speed is equalized, and both start within talking distance. Pig, dragon, fish with anger issues Man to angry to die
  5. Keeweed

    Duke Fishron updates

    I've never been good at starting threads in a smooth way, so I'm just going to say that Duke Fishron has received updates in Terraria which has made our profile outdated. Currently Duke resistance Mind manipulation, Fire, and poison. But in recent updates he has also gained resists to Status...
  6. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Terraria Early-Mid Bosses Upgrades

    I've been waiting forever for these new destruction values to be accepted, and now they are. So I've went out of my way to look through Terraria's materials again and then look for the best explodable material. Titanium was out of the question since it was explosion-proof, and using the bars...
  7. RRTheEndMan

    default intelligence

    looking at terraria, is it mindless?
  8. Jinsye

    Duke Fishron vs. Lunatic Cultist

    The Summoner Of The Celestial Towers vs. The Dragon Infused Pig Fish. Both 3-C Speed Unequalized. Lunatic Cultist: 1 Duke Fishro: 0
  9. Jinsye

    Sans vs. Duke Fishron

    Speed Equalized. Fishron is 3-C. Who wins, Drafisig, or Lazy Skeleton? Duke Fishro: 2? (Assalt?, Saikou) Sans: 3 (Noah, Perpetual, James)