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doctor phage

  1. EmperorRorepmeThree

    (Noisy Tenant) Revisions

    Fern's and all the Hospital inhabitants Type 8 should be clarified to being reliant on the concept of Medicine. Dr Phage is the concept of a Doctor according to Marcy who permanates throughout every Zone and Layer therefore he should be at least Multiversal+ due to the sheer size of the concept...
  2. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Noisy Tenant downgrade

    I myself had problems with the 1-B ratings before. However, I will not bring up my past problems. However x2, due to the new tiering system revisions, I doubt those Dimensions are higher infinities
  3. Sera_EX

    Doctor Phage Downgrade

    Considering 80 dimensions to be "humorously limited number" for movement is not justification for attack potency. It's not enough information. So until actual evidence for attack potency is given, I suggest a slight downgrade to Possibly 1-B'.
  4. EmperorRorepmeThree

    All characters are now Unknown except Doctor Phage and the Parliament

    This should be the case because "Large Building Level" was based on the size of one of the monsters Fern fought. I think that stupid. 1. These guys are living concepts 2. There's been statements that some of these beings are higher dimensional 3. Based on size scaling is idiotic in general...