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diesel: master of dragons

  1. Listentomyrhytm

    Jotaro messes with the Zohan...

    ...except it's bootleg Jotaro. Thomas Diesel(with Meta Hammer) vs Zohan Dvir, both act in character. Speed is equalized, fight takes place on the shopping mall where Zohan's hair salon in which he works at is. Neither has previous knowledge of eachother but Zohan has his binoculars. Discount...
  2. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs Poor Man's Jotaro

    Godzilla-Ku vs Thomas Diesel Speed equalized. Videogame Godzilla with no items or power-ups.
  3. JustSomeWeirdo

    Propane vs Diesel

    Hank Hill vs Thomas Diesel Both are 9-B, Speed Equalized, fight takes place outside of Strickland Propane Hank Hill: 4 Thomas Diesel: Inconclusive:
  4. Hans0l013123897

    Phoenix vs Thomas (No, not that one)

    Thomas Diesel with Meta Hammer vs Phoenix with his evidence. 9-B Speed equalized
  5. Abscoolguy


    Originals on the left, ripoffs on the right JoJo - Diesel
  6. ArbitraryNumbers

    Big Smoke vs Thomas Diesel

    Big Smoke Thomas Diesel 5 meter starting distance. Big Smoke has all of his weapons and his body armor. Both are in character.
  7. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Copy vs Original: Thomas Diesel vs Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Pre Star Platinum. Speed Equalized. Clint Eastwood: A original character: Inconclusive:
  8. JustSomeWeirdo

    Even Speedwagon Battles Stand Users

    Robert Edward O. Speedwago vs Thomas Diesel Speed Equalized
  9. RapidMotorcycle19

    Tank Engine vs Stand User

    Thomas Diesel vs Thomas the tank engine. 9-B forms. Both are bloodlusted. Speed equalized Thomas has multiple railroads, and Thomas is standing on the railroad. Thomas (The stand user) just really wants to stay on the roads, but can get off it if he wants to. Hi guys!
  10. Megaboy_Prime


    we all know it is a Jojo ripoff, but they are technically not stands, so...lets remove that.