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commissioner q

  1. Sir_Ovens

    The Mentors - Qrow Branwen vs Commissioner Q

    This matchup works so well so I had to do it. The Crow vs The Clown Limiter Off Q. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  2. Teezar

    The god of high-school CRT.

    Though I'm still reading the manhwa but I'm bored and decided to do the CRT before I forget as I have threads I would also like to work on. Sage king/jade Emperor Han daewi - Matter Manipulation. Executive/commissioner Q - Probability Manipulation. Executive/commissioner Q - Fate Manipulation...
  3. Sir_Ovens

    The God of High School Ilpyo Revision (Among Other Things)

    Ok so the recent free chapter is released and an important nugget of information was bestowed upon us. Dragon states that Okhwang was afraid of Ilpyo's power. This is a consistent statement throughout the entirety of GoH from the moment the Nine-Tailed Fox was revealed. Now, what this entails is...
  4. Sir_Ovens

    This may just work - Accelerator vs Commissioner Q

    Ok, so I had this crazy idea. It's 2 am in the morning and I should probably be asleep but I'm doing this right now. An Esper and a Clow walk into a bar... Base Accelerator Pre-Headshot and Power Lenderization Q. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  5. fandom_1for3

    Outdated Stats

    Q is currently sitting at multi city block, but he defeated a previous member of the six that (off the top of my head) tanked at least one blow from Zeus, who you presently have somewhere around planet, I think it was large? And he's a member of the six now, I believe you presently have every...
  6. Monarch_Laciel

    Judge Q VS Ruby Rose

    Two Scythe Wielders face off. The Joker VS the Ruby If Silver Eyes make it a stomp, restricted Standard Battle Assumptions