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charlotte (universe)

  1. AzuRizzz

    Small CRT for Otosaka Yuu And Tomori Nao

    Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to inform you that I'm making a small CRT to change Yuu and Nao's "imperfect" invisibility into "perception manipulation" It's not really that important but whatever. While both of them does render themselves unseen to naked eye, it only works on one...
  2. AzuRizzz

    One eyed Reaper vs AfO

    One Eyed Reaper Yuu Vs All For One Speed Equalized Yuu got prior knowledge while AFO is wandering around clueless Location: The Colosseum (Rome) Starting Distance:15 meters
  3. AzuRizzz

    Yū Otosaka vs Inou Battle Within Everyday Life (Round 1)

    Yū gets transferred to the verse with one objective "Plunder every abilities" Round 1 - Yū vs Literature Club - Yū's looting abilities works on the supernatural powers - Yū have knowledge about the verse - Abilities from 1st timeline are included - the other eye has been completely...
  4. RanaProGamer

    Satou Kazuma Fights A Haxed Emo Anime Boi

    2 characters with a crazy amount of hax face off. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. EOS Yu Otasaka vs EOS Satou Kazuma Who wins and why?
  5. Xanxussama1010

    Harry Potter vs One-Eyed Grim Reaper (Redux)

    Let's see the result will change in this one or not. Harry Potter vs Yü Otosaka Fight at London, start with 20m distance All set who is the winner?
  6. Maruishimaryishi

    Touma fights another Accelerator (1-0-1)

    Touma - 1 (Inori Hatsune) Yü - 0 Inconclusive - 1 (ChaosAyase~) - The One-Eyed Grimm Reaper Yü was used. - Both are 2 meters away. - Both In Character Imagine Breaker
  7. Ponkpunk

    Vegito fights mind manipulation (completed)

    Vegito vs Yu Otosaka Speed equal Who wins? I'm pretty sure this isn't a stomp?? Big mind ma: 0 YOSHAAAAA: 7
  8. The_King_of_Prudence

    Cueball versus Ayumi Otosaka

    10-B Cueball. Ayumi Otosaka: Cueball (xkcd): 3 (Iapitus The Impaler, CrackerVolley, Jaften)
  9. Dargoo_Faust

    Yü Otosaka vs. Peter Petrelli

    Seems like an interesting matchup, and since Yu's going to have his match with Harry removed he might as well get something on his profile. One-Eyed Grimm Reaper Yu, Peter with his Original Ability. Speed is equalized, they start 20 meters away. I won't bother with AP mostly because they...
  10. Dargoo_Faust

    Eraserhead vs. Yu Otosaka

    Literally a match of "who blinks first". IDK if this will be a stomp, but I found the abilities to be interesting to put against eachother. This is One-Eyed Reaper Yu. Speed is equalized. Starting distance is 50 meters. Yu Otosaka - 1 (Leroy) Eraserhead - 6 (Xanxuss, Yobo, Rusty, Apies...
  11. AidenBrooks999

    Sans vs Yu Otosaka

    Speed Equalized VS Character version: Eos Yü, not as the One-Eyed Grimm Reaper. Sans' KR would not work, since Yü never killed anyone. Victory Conditions: R1: knocking the opponents OR permanently incapacitating them R2: Killing the opponent(s) State of mind: R1: In character, but would...
  12. AidenBrooks999

    Team Charlotte vs Team Harry Potter

    Yü Otosaka, Nao Tomori, Jōjirō Takajō and Misa Kurobane vs Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley Round 1: 1vs1 (Ep 11) Yü vs Harry Potter (First 6 Movies/Books), Nao vs Hermione, Jōjirō vs Ron and Misa vs Ginny Round 2: All vs All Winning by KO Who wins and why?