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chainsaw man (resident evil)

  1. Armorchompy

    Resident Evil (4) Ability Additions

    I played Resident Evil 4. It was a very good game. Here is a CRT for it. Note that I'm not too knowledgeable on RE as a whole, so the additions are just from this game, so I'm mostly just adding stuff to the monster profiles so that they're not awful + some obvious shit to Leon's. Leon Kennedy...
  2. Clyde_McReady

    He just brought a Knife to a Chainsaw fight (Pyramid Head vs Chainsaw Man)

    Silent Hill vs Resident Evil fights needed a comeback and since the pages are outdated I'm taking what I'm given. Both are 9-B. They start at 15 feet from each other. Pyramid Head's page is outdated as heck so I'll make sure to include some feats and abilities that were sadly left out of his...
  3. Buttersamuri

    Chainsaw Man vs Teddy

    The chainsaw man from Resident Evil vs Teddy from Bob's Burgers Speed is equal Both have their chainsaws Both 9-A who wins and why? Teddy with a chainsaw: 1 Man with a chainsaw: Inconclusive/Draw:
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    What is the tier for a normal chainsaw?

    Just wondering because some characters who use chainsaws seem to be on different levels so I am wondering if it is just the fiction making chainsaws stronger than they are normally.
  5. Xanxussama1010

    Let's celebrate halloween with Chainsaw horror: Leatherface vs Dr. Salvador (Completed!!)

    Ok, let's start some simple match with two chainsaw murders. Leatherface vs Chainsaw Ma Fight at Savanna. Normal Chainsaw Man in this fight. Otherwise , Standard Battle Assumptions ok, who is the winner?