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  1. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Notorious B.i.g. vs scp-682

    wondering if this match is possible. scp-682 Notorious B.I.G. Rules Article Canon 682 no knowledge of each other they start 1 ft apart Battle takes place on near a mcdonalds Victory Conditions: Incapacitation or death Note: If the rules have any bias. feel free to point it out and...
  2. SSJRyu1

    Notorious BIG profile update

    Basically the title. BIG's profile is seemingly outdated, specifically in the way his speed functions as was outlined in the GER speed revision thread. This should be cleaned up and updated based on the findings in the GER thread for how his speed functions, and some placement of "infinite"...
  3. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Cioccolata vs Carne

    Cioccolata vs Cioccolata: Carne: tie: FIGHT!!!
  4. Genericstickman

    Virus listens to Biggie Smalls

    Alex Mercer vs Notorious B.I.G speed Virus Man: Hungry Boy: McQueen shoots both with a Tier 0 gun:2
  5. PaChi2

    Law vs Notorius BIG

    Post TS/Dressrosa Trafalgar Law vs Carne (dead) SBA Speed equal Thoughts? Trafalgar Law
  6. Ted_Ed

    Notorious BIG vs Made in Heaven

    speed uneaualized MIH vs Notorious BIG
  7. Tetsucabrah

    Can the Hand destroy Notorious BIG?

    This is less of a versus match and more of a what can actually kill BIG in the JoJoverse. The Hand erases the space it swipes. So if Okuyasu could manage to erase the BIG's whole body in one shot would that permanently put it down?
  8. Redite250

    SCP-173 vs. Notorious B.I.G

    Original Canon 173 Speed not equalized SCP-173 Infamous L.A.R.G.E Inconclusive:
  9. KevJii

    Some kid who's actually a parasite vs. Biggie Smalls

    Unknown Specimen 3 vs. Notorious B.I.G Carne steps into the endless mansion without thinking twice and encounters Spooper mid-way through, and as expected, gets eliminated. But the Specimen realizes something is off about the situation, as he takes notice of Notorius B.I.G emerging from the...
  10. Eficiente

    Notorious B.I.G. vs Geras

    I wanna to make a match-up for Geras but couldn't find anyone on his tier that doesn't stomp and get stomped by him. Notorious B.I.G.: 0 Geras: 1 (Ponkpunk) Inconclusive: 9 (Yellowpig10, Xtasyamphetamine, Stalker Maggot, Iapitus The Impaler, Kredory, EmperorDoom25, TacticalNuke002, Keeweed...
  11. CrackerVolley

    Going Nowhere Fast (Green Baby vs Notorious B.I.G.)

    I'm starting to think I only create chaotic matches when I don't try to hard to do so. They encounter each other in a courtyard of Green Dolphin Street Prison. Carne is obviously dead. ╠ÂS╠Âp╠Âe╠Âe╠Âd╠ ╠ÂE╠Âq╠Âu╠Âa╠Âl╠Âi╠Âz╠Âe╠Âd╠ Green Baby : 5 (Iap, Ion, GoCommitDi, Cinder, Bedrock)...
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Cioccolata vs Notorious B.I.G

    C'mon, this was even brought up in the series itself and we haven't done it? Let's answer Secco's question. Will Green Day work or no? Cioccolata Carne Cioccolata
  13. Ted_Ed

    The Boss faces a Traitor.

    You dare betray me, Carne? How *dare* you. Carne's dead King Crimson vs Carne. Who wins.
  14. Ted_Ed

    Carne vs Funny Valentine

    Both are in an airplane. Carne's dead Who wins? Funny Valentine
  15. Ted_Ed

    Notorius BIG (Carne) vs Vanilla Ice

    Oh boooy. Has this unbestable stand found its equal?! Both start in a airplane.
  16. HierophantDeluxe

    SCP 682 vs Notorious BIG

    Two behemoths that can't be killed, only trapped. SCP-682 (First Key) vs Carne Standard Battle Assumptions Biggie Smalls (1): Agnaa Edgelord: Inconclusive:
  17. WatchdogMan101

    Han Jihan vs Notorious BIG

    The Cheonbu guild has the threat of Notorious B.I.G facing them and they call the "Almighty Gamer" to help them win against this seemingly unstoppable threat. Carne is already dead and the Gamer has to stop his Stand. This is the Gamer from the most recent chapter. Han Jiha Notorious B.I.G
  18. Seventy96

    The Thing vs Notorious B.I.G

    Speed equalized The Thing can see and hurt B.I.G
  19. The_King_of_Prudence

    Carne verses Thunder McQueen

    Carne: 1 (Genericstickman) McQueen: Inconclusive:
  20. Vizorus69

    Regarding Notorious B.I.G.

    In the previous Notorious B.I.G. revision, his Regenerationn was downgraded into only high-mid. From these two back-to-back pages, you can clearly see Notorious B.I.G. completely disappearing. If it's not Mid-Godly regen, than it's at least Mid-High.
  21. Sound_of_Infinity

    I fear nothing - The Protege vs. Carne

    The Protege haven't copied anything Carne starts as Notorious B.I.G Speed equal Who wins?
  22. Genericstickman

    Giorno tries to get revenge on a good boy

    Giorno vs Notorious B.I.G Giorno has GER Battle takes place in a desert
  23. Durrentz

    Sans VS Carne

    Bloodlusted, morals off. Carne has an already active Notorious B.I.G Who wins?
  24. Vizorus69

    Found a Closed Thread. Probably Need Revision.

    In this thread, the reasoning for inconclusive is that Notorious B.I.G. will keep coming back because of his Mid-Godly Regenerationn, while Schreiber will keep coming back because of his Low-Godly Regenerationn. So both will just keep running toward each other coming back and being faster and...
  25. Dzhindzholia

    About Notorious BIG's mid-godly.

    What are the reasons for BIG's mid-godly rather than "survived the death of its user" cause imo,it looks more like ressurection or just a feature of this stand,it is also noted that you need to die to activate BIG. Also,the stand is a manifistation of users soul,a soul does not stop to exist...
  26. JustSomeWeirdo

    Prepare to be Assimilated

    Grey Goo vs Notorious B.I.G. Tasty Planet Goo, they both start at B.I.G.'s base size, fight begins in an all you can eat buffet, Grey Goo can see and harm stands
  27. Durrentz

    Sans VS Notorious B.I.G

    No prep, no help, fight to the death, battle takes place in London. Who wins? Get rekt m8 Notorious B.I.G
  28. TeenAngel101

    Sans VS Notorious BIG

    Good luck figuring this one out, suckers. Sans[[1]]: 0 Carne[[2]]: 0
  29. AguilaR101

    Carne's/ Notorious B.I.G. Regenerationn

    Apparently the stand gets mid-godly regen from activating after his users death, however ignoring the fact that doesn't even qualify as Regenerationn the requirement to have one of such level is to come back after having your existence being erased, why does he have that if there is no...
  30. Seventy96

    Notorious B.I.G Regenerationn.

    So, B.I.G has mid-godly regen or ressurection?
  31. Schnee_One

    Notorious B.I.G vs The Flash

    Yeah, I forgot about this guy. So uhh...Let's see where this goes. Flash (Wally West) (Post-Crisis): Carne: 2
  32. JustSomeWeirdo

    Zoom Zoom

    Carne starts out being killed by Pucci right when he activated MiH, which for debating purposes, activated Notorious B.I.G. at the same moment Pucci starts with Made in Heaven Both gotta go fast Fight takes place on Rainbow Road Battle Theme
  33. CrackerVolley

    I Have Zero Regrets

    Notorious B.I.G Wolfgang Schreiber This is gonna be fun. Wolfgang is in base. Carne is dead.
  34. Seventy96

    Carne/Norious B.I.G (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) vs Beerus (Dragon Ball)

    Battle take place on Earth. Win by K.O or death. Carne starts Notorious B.I.G Beerus as Norious B.I.G Battle music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glEiPXAYE-U
  35. JustSomeWeirdo

    Giorno Giovanna vs Notorious B.I.G.

    Let's just say, during the events of part 6, while Giorno is supposed to be heading to Florida, his boat encounters Notorious B.I.G, and he ends up on a deserted island after the boat's destruction. Notorious B.I.G makes it onto land, following something that had just washed up on shore, the...
  36. JustSomeWeirdo

    ....You are fighting Notorious B.I.G.....

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random If you can either kill or stalemate with it, we'll consider it a win If you get a weapon, you are using that weapon If you get a verse, you are a composite character of that verse If you get some misc. page, reroll Now let's see if anyone can...
  37. JustSomeWeirdo

    Who is the weakest character that can kill Notorious B.I.G.?

    Notorious B.I.G., arguably one of the strongest Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, able to come back after death and from being defeated again and again, this Stand isn't strong through it's strength, it is strong through it's Regenerationn and ability to come back to life again and again...