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captain kaizo

  1. Marvel_Champion_07

    Super Skilled Anime Character vs Super Skilled AniMY Character (Flashy Flash vs Captain Kaizo) [2-4-0]

    FLASHY FLASH vs CAPTAIN KAIZO Galaxy Captain Kaizo is used. Amber Mask is used Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the Ghost Town of Z-City Starting Distance: 10 meters Flashy Flash: 2 (@Recon1511, @Doggo) Captain Kaizo: 4 (@1st_Virtue_of_Pure_Void, @Greatsage13th, @DigDig09...
  2. DaReaperMan

    7-A Howling into Hell Tournament: Mirko vs Captain Kaizo

    Match 2: The Space Rebel vs Wabbit Season Tournament Hub Captain Kaizo submitted by @Greatsage13th Mirko submitted by @edutyn Both 7-A(Kaizo in first key until stated otherwise) Start 10 meters away Battle takes place in Crazy Carnevil (Dark Deception) Kaizo Block: 0 Mirko: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  3. Marvel_Champion_07

    Abang Kassim faces the Norse God of Thunder (GRACE)

    CAPTAIN KAIZO vs THOR Galaxy Captain Kaizo is used Speed is equalised Standard Battle Assumptions Captain Kaizo: 7 (@MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Greatsage13th, @Doggo, @Peppersalt43, @Popted2, @BEASTHEART880, @Mariogoods) Thor: 0 Inconclusive:
  4. Sir_Ovens

    Two shield bois battle it out - Kaizo vs Griamore

    Thematic. Shield boi from space vs Shield boi from Earth Galaxy Kaizo. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Discuss.
  5. Sir_Ovens

    Thor vs Captain Kaizo

    Before BoBoiBoy himself fights the God of Thunder, lets see how well Kaizo fairs. God of Thunder vs Legendary Space Rebel Worthy Thor and Amber Mask Kaizo. Speed equalised. Win via SBA. Who wins and why?