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bubsy the bobcat

  1. Buttersamuri

    Butters Glass Cannon Brackets: Round 1 Bubsy The Bobcat vs Johnny Joestar

    Their made of glass, but punch like they're steel. Welcome to the Glass Cannon brackets! Our first round is going to be none other then Bubsy the Bobcat from The Bubsy series, Submitted by Psychomaster35, Going up against Johnny Joestar, from Jojos Bizarre Adventures, Submitted by Genericstickma...
  2. Tonygameman

    Sonic (SatAM) vs Bubsy

    Both are 9-A and their speed is equalized. Sonic and Bubsy are on their base keys (with latter being unable to use Virgil Reality Helmet on a battle). Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM): 0 Bubsy the Bobcat: 1 (UltraChair) Inconclusive: 0
  3. UltraChair

    Bubsy vs Sonic

    Story: Bubsy was upset because Sonic never answered his phone calls so now they are fighting to the death, because that is a reasonable response. Battle is located at a local Pizza Hut, Speed Equalized, Both are in character, both are in their first keys. Bubsy the Bobcat: Sonic the Hedgehog...
  4. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy vs Superman

    The bodacious bobcat vs the man of steel Conditions: Bubsy is in base, and Superman is from seasons 1-3. Speed equalized for Superman's sake. Bubsy is bloodlusted. Who wins? Bubsy: Supes:
  5. KingEzran

    Two cats have a fight

    This match is Bubsy vs Black Panther (Marvel Comics). Both are 9-A and Panther has none of his OPTIONAL equipment. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 3 meters -Win via death Votes: Bubsy: 0 Panther: 0
  6. Christian_Higdon

    Bubsy vs Sans

    Both are in-character, willing to kill. Both are 9-A. Speed is equal. Battle is in a neutral territory. They start 4 feet away. Bubsy has all his equipment. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Bubsy the Bobcat: 3 Sans the Skeleto: 10 Incon the clusive: 0
  7. CBtheDB

    Possible CRT regarding the Virgil Reality Helmet

    I was looking over the page for Bubsy, and I must say, I find the key giving him the Virgil Reality Helmet very... confusing. 1. It's never really proven to be capable of destroying the planet or the universe -- that just comes from a bunch of statements. When it was pushed to its limits at...
  8. Endlesspossibilities_2006

    Failed Gaming. Bubsy vs Beck

    Rules Speed is equalized Bubsy won't have the Virgil Reality Helmet nor the rest of arsenal Beck would just have arm mounted Buster Beck: Bubsy the Bobcat:
  9. Hitty_Smityu

    Bubsy the Bobcat vs Earthworm Jim

    Both at 3-A Speed = Bubsy the Bobcat Earthworm Jim Incon
  10. Christian_Higdon

    Bubsy vs Blinx

    Speed Equalized. Both are 9-A. Battle is in a plain, filled with grass. Both are in-character. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Bubsy: 0 Blinx: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  11. Christian_Higdon

    Pingas vs Bubsy

    Speed Equal. Both are 3-A. Battle is on Mars. Both are in-character. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? JonTron: 0 PINGAS: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. Maverick_Zero_X

    Bubsy downgrade

    Bubsy having 5-B/3-A durability with the VRH is baseless. It's an object that enables Reality Warping, not something that roids out your Statistics. Basically, Bubsy's durability should be downgraded.
  13. Zamasu_Chan

    Bubsy vs NiGHTS

    SBA Annoying Bobcat: Flying thing: Incon: 1 Mismatch:
  14. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Ditto VS Bubsy

    The pink blob VS the bodacious bobcat himself. Conditions: 9-A Bubsy, Ditto transforms into this version as well (duh). Ditto has time to transform. Bubsy: 0 Ditto: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy the Bobcat VS Arale the Android

    A bobcat and an android with humorous abilities and ridiculous power fight to the death. Conditions: Bubsy gets the Virgil Reality Helmet, Arale is her DBS version. Speed equalized. Fight is in World Tournament arena. In-character. Bubsy: 1 Arale: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  16. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy the Bobcat VS Geralt of Rivia

    It's the bobcat against the Witcher . What a fight. Conditions: Both're 9-A. Geralt is in-character. Bubsy is bloodlusted and has all equipment. Speed equalized. Let the fight begin. Bubsy: 0 Geralt: 1 Inconclusive: 0 Geralt of Rivia
  17. Insecurity97

    Bubsy Bobcat vs. Jimmy Neutron

    This fight started because Bubsy just told Jimmy that his head looks like an ashy peanut with a Hershey's kiss on top, and that it's bigger than Carl's future Both are 5-B, bloodlusted, and have a week of prep. Speed is equalized What could possibly go wrong?: 0 Jummy Nutri: 0 Incon: 0
  18. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy the Bobcat VS...Thanos!?!?

    That's right, folks. The facetious feline VS the Mad Titan of Fortnite. Oh my. Conditions: 9-A forms. Speed equalized. No prep. Quite literally no battle is this epic. Honestly, how many weaker versions of iconic characters can Bubsy take on? Lmfao anyways, cast your votes. Bubsy the...
  19. The_Smashor

    Bubsy the Bobcat vs Bender

    Eff it. We need to use tier 3 Bubsy for something. Rules: Speed Equalized. Both are 3-A. Otherwise SBA. AP: Baseline AP: Somewhat above baseline Bender: 1 (Maverick Zero X, Shrekisluvshrekislife):Bubsy Inconcluve:
  20. Genericstickman

    Bubsy battles 682, what could possibly go wrong?

    Bubsy vs Scp 682 9-A versions used both have prior knowledge speed equalised Bubsy:1 682:3 Incon
  21. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy VS Mario (3 VOTES LEFT!!)

    Decent Mascot VS Huge Mascot Only fair Bubsy VS Mario matchup. Bubsy finds Mario hanging out eating some of Bowser's Sourpuss Bread and wants some. Mario, being a greedy pig, says no. The fight ensues. Conditions: This is Hotel Mario Mario. No prep on either side. Both have all equipment...
  22. Bobsican

    Bubsy Vs. Donald Duck

    According to the KHIII revisions, Donald can be 3-A, so I hope I can go ahead while the actual edits are taking over. Both at 3-A, speed equalized. The Orange Cat The Magical Duck Quack! What could possibly go wrong?
  23. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Omega Shenron VS Bubsy the Bobcat

    Yes, this is a matchup, believe it or not. Just thought it would be bizarre enough to be interesting. Conditions: Bubsy has the Virgil Reality Helmet and Syn Shenron has absorbed every Dragon Ball becoming Omega, their 3-A versions shall be used. Speed equalized, otherwise Omega'd be well...
  24. KingEzran

    (Grace) Bubsy vs CalebCity Nameless One

    Both are 9-A. Bubsy is given 2 weeks of prep time. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Bubsy: 0 Nameless: 7
  25. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Super Sonic VS VRH Bubsy

    The only real possible matchup between any incarnation of Sonic and Bubsy without a stomp from either side. Conditions: Bubsy has the Virgil Reality Helmet and Sonic has his Super form. Sonic is from Sonic X. Battle takes place on Earth. Speed equalized for Sonic's sake. In-character. Bubsy...
  26. Necromercer

    Bubsy vs Gex

    Both 9-B Speed = Who wins?
  27. Shrekisluvshrekislife

    Glass Joe vs Bubsy the Bobcat

    Glass Joe vs Bubsy Perhaps the worst boxer... ever Its Nerf or Nothing's Mascat Glass Joe bubsy the bobcat location: Babenhausener Bach River, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Babenhausener Bach River, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Starting point: 4 meters from each other. Starting...
  28. Inverted_Tempest

    Bubsy Upgrade

    Yes, this has already been discussed before but the reasoning was absolutely bad behind it and I regret trying to agree with it personally. So the arguments against it were that the professor "said wacky shit because he was in a panicked state of mind." To explain why this is a horrible...
  29. PenguinFe42

    The Visitor (Fortnite) vs Bubsy the Cat

    Speed Equalised Both are Bloodlusted The Visitor (Fortnite)- Bubsy the Cat-
  30. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Massive Bubsy Verse Upgrade

    Heya. Bubsy's boulder busting feat that's been on his profile for a while now has finally been calced as Small Building level. Here's the post: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Crimson_Azoth/Bubsy_busts_a_wall_-_Bubsy_the_Bobcat#comm-2793168 Now you might be thinking, "So? 9-B to...
  31. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy Speed Upgrade

    So I was playing Bubsy 2 for a few days now and I've noticed that Bubsy the Bobcat is capable of two things not taken into account on his profile: A. He can react to, dodge, and outrun projectile sound-waves from Lamb-Bo, with a .gif file below to prove my point. B. These same sound waves Bubsy...
  32. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Bubsy Page Revision

    Bubsy the Bobcat has had recent releases as his article acknowledges, so why is the picture we use for him out of date? I think it'd be better if we used the one of him from The Woolies Strike Back, as it's more polished. That, and maybe we should include the image of him with his Nerf...
  33. KingEzran

    (Grace) Bubsy vs Composite Human

    CH has all weapons up to 9-B and 10 hours of prep. Bubsy has Super Shirt restricted. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 5 meters -Win via death Votes: Bubsy: 4 CH: 11
  34. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    (Finished) Bubsy VS Eggman

    Sonic's alternate franchise rival(?) VS Sonic's lifelong archnemesis! Conditions: - Bubsy is bloodlusted and has access to all equipment. - Eggman is Game version and 9-B (By Himself). - Speed equalized. Battle takes place in Scrap Brain Zone. Bubsy the Bobcat: 7 Dr. Eggma: 0 Inconclusive...
  35. Genericstickman

    I make Godzilla fight Bubsy what could possibly go wrong

    Bubsy vs Shin Godzilla 9-A version used speed equalised Cat: Lizard?: McQueen:
  36. Jackythejack

    (Grace) Bubsy vs. Donatello: What Could Paw-sibly Go Wrong?

    Well, let's see, is Bubsy gonna get shell shocked, or will Donatello get scratched up? Fight takes place in the ninja turtle sewers, neither are aware of the other's position off the bat, but they do know someone hostile is in the area. Donatello has access to all of his gadgets, and speed is...
  37. Bobsican

    Bubsy Vs. Solid Snake

    Because both now have the ! symbol. Both at their peak, speed equalized. Let´s see if AP Vs. Hax can work here. What could possibly go wrong?
  38. Tonygameman

    Bubsy vs Garfield

    Both orange cats are 9-B and their speed is equalized. Bubsy doesn't use Virgil Reality Helmet and a TV remote in this battle. Bubsy the Bobcat: 1 (Flashlight237) Garfield: 0 Inconclusive: 0