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awakened cockroach

  1. Quangotjokes

    Two Demons Clash

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yujiro_Hanma https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Awakened_Cockroach Yujiro: Awakened Cockroach: Neutral battlefield random encounter.
  2. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Demon Tournament Round 4: Sonic VS Awakened Cockroach (7-2-0)

    Sonic: Emirp sumitpo, Shaiye, GlaceonGamez471, Scorby3050, Sonicflare9, EnderLord8, ZoroNotZolo VS Awakened Cockroach: Quangotjokes, Ourosboros Speed is not equalized The Sonic that fought G4 Genos is being used Battle takes place in the Z-City Ghost Town Scenario: Awakened Cockroach...
  3. KazuiK

    Awakened vs Ichigo

    Both 7-B Speed Equalized Awakened Cockroach:0 Kurosaki Ichigo:8
  4. Austrian-Man-Meat

    Orochi Upgrade (cont)

    Despite the thread being closed, I feel that there was something I needed to address. Basically, the general idea is that Orochi was able to tag Awakened Cockroach despite the latters aimdodge ability (which has a stated limit of lightspeed) and as a result, Orochi should have a speed rating...
  5. Quangotjokes

    Orochi upgrade

    Orochi casually blitzed, and killed awakened cockroach with his horn. Who could dodge things at the speed of light.
  6. Drellix

    Tatsumi vs Awakened Cockroach

    Speed equalized 4th Form Tatsumi Both bloodlusted Tatsumi Awakened Cockroach