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avenger (edmond dantès)

  1. DontTalkDT

    5th strongest 7-A Bracket Round 4 (Gurmah-Gharus vs Avenger (Edmond Dantès))

    Didn't find a Gurmah-Gharus picture except the profile one. So this must do. Gurmah-Gharus vs Avenger (Edmond Dantès) Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes: Gurmah-Gharus: Edmond Dantès: Hub, Table
  2. Beast_Zero_Gudako

    Battle for 7-A 3rd place: King Hassan vs Edmond Dantes

    King Hassan's spot has been threatened by a fellow FGO character. Let's see if he can defend it or not. 7-A version are used and speed is not equalized. SBA. The Best Assassi: The Best Avenger: 5 Stalemates:
  3. Promestein

    Roa / Tarantella thing / Ciel

    Ciel > Tarantella, Tarantella put up a fight against Dantes, which means we should boost Ciel/Elesia to 7-A with magic to keep scaling logical
  4. Solacis

    Edmond Dantes VS Machina

    First attempt at a VS discussion, and this seems like an interesting match up. > Speed Equalized > Restricted Machina > Win by K.O. or Death > Otherwise, SBA Machina: 0 Dantes: 0
  5. Archaron

    Idk how someone did not make this fight yet (The Count vs The Fang)

    ÔÇïÔÇïWill never miss speed in this fight. - Wolfie Briah actived - Edmond with Enfer Ch├óteau d'If actived - Both IC - The fight will take place in a coliseum in Rome. - Win via anything. Wolfie: Edmond: Inconclusive:
  6. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Two Edgy boy face each other (Edmond Dantes vs Wilhelm Ehrenburg) (ONE MORE VOTE!!)

    Well,since Wilhelm match are abandoned,i made a new match for him,and this time he will face an Edgelord,chuuni badass,the Fallen Komaeda,his name is Edmond Dantes!!! -Base Wilhelm is used -Speed equalized -Both in character -They are engaged in close combat range -Place located in Franch...
  7. Schnee_One

    Robloxian vs Edmond Dantes

    Yeah, I wanted to see how this would go, see if Avenger gets slain or if ROBLOXIAN gets avenged for Gil. Speed is Equalized. In Character Robloxia: 1 Avenger (Edmond Dantès): 4
  8. Promestein

    Ren Fuji vs Edmond Dantès

    (Base) Ren Fuji and Edmond Dantès. Standard Battle Assumptions, speed equalized, EFO and Enfer restricted, victory by incapacitation or death, blah blah blah.