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  1. Firestorm808

    Samurai Jack AP Upgrade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Firestorm808/Samurai_Jack_Feats_List#Flamethrower_Ultra-Robot_Melts_and_Blows_Away_Multiple_Buildings My recently accepted calculation upgrades Season 2 Jack and the Ultrabots to Low 7-C So: Season 1 = High 8-C Season 2-5 = Low 7-C I would...
  2. Buttersamuri

    Ashi and Jack Possible upgrades

    Ok. So I bring in a few things I question for Jack and Ashi. I'll do it by a list, to make it more organized 1. Ashi Scaling to Akus MFTL speed, We know Aku has to be a degree of MFTL+ as both he and his minions have taken over different parts of the Galaxy and apparent different galaxies as a...
  3. The_Legendary_Carmine

    Samurai Jack modifications

    Hello everyone, i've recently finished watching all the 5 seasons of Samurai Jack, and after looking at Jack's current abilities i believe i have found things that need be adjusted as well as a few additions, this will be almost entirely focused on the protagonist, Jack. Let's start by...
  4. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Jack and Ashi vs The Guardian.

    Suppose the guardian had not been killed by Aku, and Jack had found his portal still intact when he returned. Now, with 50 years of experience and an ally, Jack were to have a rematch with the guardian. Would his 50 years of growth and the help of Ashi be enough to win this time? This is Ashi...
  5. DeathReaperX

    Ashi vs Obito Uchiha

    This is Ashi with mastered Aku abilities. This is Tobi w/Rinnegan (no bijuu and gedo allowed). Speed equalized. You are no match for my dojutsu Get out of my way!
  6. Magi_Hussie

    (Spoilers included) Ashi's Massive Powers and Abilities & Keys Revision

    Samurai Jack ended everyone: https://youtu.be/2NmUcdptXsE In the unexpected final & last episode of Samurai Jack and just before it ended w/ a "rushed" ending, Samurai Jack mentioned that Ashi now has all of Aku's powers (Start at 0:33): https://youtu.be/WseragB1Ghw Welp, time to copy and...