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  1. Ultima_Reality

    The Elder Scrolls Revisions (Big ones)

    So, a few years ago, I kind of abandoned TES' profiles to the wolves. I've come to rectify that mistake, and fix up lots, and lots, and lots of issues that carried over from the first revisions. As you can probably already gather, this thread is pretty large, so, if you want a TL;DR of the...
  2. Galactic_Astronaut

    Lucifer Morningstar vs Aka

    Both are at 1-A. Morals are off. Lucifer Morningstar: Aka: Inconclusive: Who wins?
  3. ZacharyGrossman273

    >Insert Time Pun Here

    Both at full power Aka: 0 Mercurius: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Disgunbegud: 0
  4. Keeweed

    Aka vs the Beyonder (Pre Retcon)

    Two asshole gods that nobody likes (or at least that's what I've heard). High 1-B versions. Hope this isn't a stomp (if this is, then I'll change it to Death of the Endless). Aka: 6 Beyonder (Pre-Retcon): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. Jockey-1337

    Lorkhan & Aka vs Gan & The Crimson King

    Lorkha & Aka VS Ga & Crimson King High 1-B versions but they may become 1-A if they have to do it. Other conditions are standard.
  6. StarSlayer666

    The Dragon Of Time VS The Father Of Time

    Aka VS Father Time (Vertigo) Location: Marvel Universe. Aka: 3 Father Time: 1