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afterimage creation

  1. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU - Makkari Afterimage Creation and Eternals Speed Revision

    As stated here: So basically, Makkari should get Afterimage Creation and Ikaris (likewise the other Eternals) shouldn't scale to her, since the only reason she could catch her is because she was running too fast to stop herself at the time Also, Makkari is stated to be the fastest woman in the...
  2. ElixirBlue

    Quick Sonic OVA ability CRT

    Sonic and Metal Sonic both have the same relative speed yet are both using Afterimages to trick the other. I’d like to give the both of them Afterimage Creation
  3. Rodri_"Dante"

    Is there any way to calculate how fast someone moves when making afterimages?

    Like measuring how far apart are his afterimages or something.
  4. Derpyrebound

    Adding Flight Type I and After Image to Inuyasha

    I want to propose adding Flight Type I to Inuyasha's profile. According the creator, Rumiko Takahashi, statements from characters within the manga/anime, and actual instances within the source material, Inuyasha has the jumping/running form of pseudo-flight in his kit. In a couple of...
  5. The_Legendary_Kurac

    Afterimage speed

    So I Have been wondering about this for a while and, I was curious, how much speed does a character have if he can create afterimages? I mean it obviously depends on speed, so how much speed would a character possess, if there was no other way to determine his speed, like Hypersonic? High...

    The Purpose of Afterimage Creation?

    Never really understood why this is listed as an ability, isn't it just a speed based thing? And if someone were to be faster than the user, doesn't that make the afterimages pointless? I could understand if the ability weren't related to speed, such as Killua Zoldyck, but wouldn't that be...