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Why is the soul king's range low Multiversal but his attack potency multi solar system?

The reasoning for his range is this "Created the worlds and the Dangai which physically separates the dimensions from one another"

So if you are creating timelines why isn't his ap 2-C? So him creating a 2-C reality is only proof of his range?

Explain this to me.
His range is 2-C/low Multiversal. 2-C is multiple timelines, smart guy. Really what you said is just a conjunction to my question, if it is worlds Why Is It Listed As Multiversal? Are they using the Japanese definition of world?
SK range is going to be revised anyway along multiples other characthers/franchise .

There is a crt about low multiversal range going on right now .
He created The World (Earth) and The Dangai, not the timelines themselves, but he was able to reach into both timelines, is what I'm getting
He separated the universe in three realm , created everything in the soul society dimension, created the dangai wich connect them , wich is a different space time .

that is what i remember of the top of my head and i'm sure i missed stuff
JohnCenaNation said:
I hope Soul King becomes Low Multiversal level, that way I can do a rematch between him and Pegasus Seiya.
I doubt that he will be upgraded to 2-c i think the best tier we can get right now is 3-c to 3-b due too the dude with the galaxy room or whatever his name is
Shouldn't this have been closed because there is literally another thread like this one? Range is also being revised around the site as well for all verses that have incorrect reasoning for multiversal