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Thor Render
Render 2
Thor (EMH) vs. Boros (Unsealed power).
Speed is equalized and both are High 6-A. who wins?


This is still fair so why not?


Thor's AP is 165.70267686424475073 Petatons of TNT.

Boros' main AP is 23.809 petatons Petatons of TNT, while his strongest attack is 183.24 Petatons of TNT or 8600 Petatons of TNT depending on if you scale Saitama countering the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon to Boros. There's probably some sort of logistics that makes that happen.

Hax: Thor has no real way past Boros' regen other than outlasting him. Meanwhile, Boros can sense energy, meaning he could probably tell how strong Thor was. BFR dosn't work since Thor can fly, however.

Stamina: IDK. Boros isn't given a stamina feat. Thor can probably outlast Metoric Burst if he can survive long enough.

My verdict: Boros can sense how strong Thor is, so he'd probably use Metoric Burst pretty quickly. After that, it's only a matter of time before he uses the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon. There are two ways this can end:

If CSRC dosn't scale to Serious Punch: Thor survives the attack and outlasts Boros

If CSRC does scale to Serious Punch: Thor gets obliterated by an over 51.9001875x AP disadvantage

So, I'll need an OPM expert to let me know if CSRC scales to the Serious Punch. I'd assume it is, since the calc is listed on Boros' profile, so my vote goes to Boros.
CSRC doesn't scale to that. In fact, we are scaling Saitama to 180PT and not to 8.6ET like you said.
CSRC scales to 183 Pettatons for surface wipingvwhile his normal punches are only 24 Pettatons
I wonder why people always scale him to CSRC then.

But still, Boros can't scale to an attack that not only utterly overpowered him but defeated him to the point of half-death state.
True. Come to think of it, can Boros just spam CSRC? Is there anything actually stopping him from doing that? Does it have a charge time or something?
If using Meteoric Burst already tolls his body, using CSRC which is a last resort move should be way worse than that.
This has become ambiguous, you're stating that in this battle he can't use, or that he doesn't really have it?