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The Batman who laughs vs Midnighter

How much AoE does TBWL have on his weapons?

If it's sufficient enough that Midnighter can't dodge, then I'm pretty sure the latter gets nuked in a single shot thanks to that AP the former has on his equipment. If not, then Midnighter precogs his way to victory, albeit with some difficulty.
I mean yeah, but that's only if he decides to fire it at a range which will catch them both in the AoE, which (I'm assuming?) he probably won't do.

Then again, if the projectile isn't very large, then Midnighter could probably (and quite easily) just dodge it anyway.

>VS Midnighter's precog

I definitely don't see that being the case.
Also, as a reminder, our current (only) profile for Midnighter details his original Wildstorm incarnation, before he got nerfed to hell and back.
MrKingOfNegativity said:
>VS Midnighter's precog

I don't see that being the case.
That's exactly what I meant though. I doubt his precog will work on TBWL because of his Joker-level unpredictableness.
For one, he isn't having trouble predicting Joker there at all. He's clearly dodging and avoiding everything Joker's throwing at him, including a surprise acid-flower at the end.

For two, I'm pretty sure that's post-DC Midnighter, who's been hit with so many instances of PIS that it really isn't funny. (No pun intended) Prior to that comic, Lucas defeated someone who'd had the same exact enhancements as him, with the latter having also had prep before the fight.
Cropfist said:
Given that his cards warped parts of Gotham City, it likely has enough AoE to hit Midnighter.
If the cards are usable in a fight, and are 5-A like the rest of his weapons seem to be, then Midnighter loses.
The distance between them is 10 meters, pretty sure Mid can use it to his advantage.