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Stories Topic...


VS Battles
FC/OC VS Battles
I'd like to bring this up. Previously there was a discussion about fanon being made for OC characters. Now it's a very good idea but was brought up at the wrong time since it was via making a new wiki. And considering the state of our current wiki here that would've been too much so the idea of doing it on a different wiki was thrown out of the window.

Now this idea was revised. So people can make stories on a forum board. Now the advantages of this are

  • Would be easy to maintain.
  • Would keep FC/OC wiki self-contained.
  • Would keep the community here as it is, instead of dividing it across two wikis.
  • Would be more visually easier to follow, being in a systematic list for instead of trying to find the page over at another wiki.
All of the given advantages are the same with blog posts. Except better imo.

In blog posts. If you categorized them properly you can achieve the same thing and more. With blog posts each story can be categorized according to their genre, age rating, etc making them easier to locate. Finally blog posts enable you disable comments which in turn would prevent hate comments but the creator of the page can still edit it. While on a forum thread you'd have to close the thread to prevent hate comments but this in turn prevents the creator from being able to edit his story.

Anyway that it. Tell me what ya think. Which is better in your opinion.
You did pointed out the flaw of doing stories in a forum thread so it makes sense we should do a blog post one instead.