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FC/OC VS Battles
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Star King Kirito vs. Omega Yato Corrin

Speed is Equalized


Win via incapacitation

Star King Kirito:



Kirito's AP is 41.8067757307 Megatons

Corrin's AP is 16.38 Megatons
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What do they lead with?
Kirito would lead with either of his swords Release Recollection, as for Corrin it really depends on the immediate situation (although I'm not knowledgable on Fire Emblem)
I'm gonna list off the pros that bother fighters have.

Kirito Pros:

2.5x AP Advantage

Stamina Advantage

Passive Regeneration


Outranges Corrin with some of his abilities

Incarnation and its abilities

Corrin Pros:

Has a myriad of Magic Skills such as Silence and other hax that can stump Kirito

Can turn into a dragon
Only the sword is 7-B, Hexing Rod might help Corrin a bit but otherwise it's still a 7-B vs a stronger 7-B with halved health at worst
Hexing Rod is a ranged staff that permanently halves an opponent's HP (kinda negs regen up to that point, too)

Kirito scales higher than Corrin does, meaning Corrin is still fighting an uphill battle

Corrin is, also, on 7-B with the Omega Yato, so their options are limited Swords and Staves/Rods

Kirito is left stronger and more versatile than Corrin, has better regen than anyone Corrin's ever fought, and has thought based barriers to protect himself