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Speed Not Born, But Made (Sonic the Hedgehog (Promotional Comic) vs. A-Train)

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The Forgotten, Yet Destined
VS Battles
It was another day in the slopes of Green Hill, and a bunch of the local wildlife were enjoying the midday sun, playing, lazing about and having a swell time. Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere, the green grass of Green Hill suddenly turned red as a number of the animals suddenly disappeared in a blur. And standing dead center was a man who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, much to the remaining animal's shock.

"Aw, shit," he said to himself as he brushed off the viscera coating himself. "Sorry, little guys. Guess I wasn't looking where I was going. Oh well, bye." And suddenly he was gone, disappearing into the distance with an incredible amount of speed, one that almost no one had ever seen.

Well, almost no one.

As the man continued to run from the scene, something crashed into him at high speeds, cutting him off and sending him headfirst into a tree. Understandably surprised, he looked up and saw small and blue rodent-like creature standing on top of him. And then it began to speak. "You. I saw what you did to my friends right there. I don't know whether you got your speed from Dr. Kinto- I mean... Robotnik, but I don't care. You're gonna pay."

The man grabbed the animal by its leg and threw it, where it reoriented itself in the air and landed on its feet. When the creature looked up, he saw the man's eyes wide as saucers and his teeth gritting together. "You. You...caught up to me. You hit me mid-run. That's- That's not possible. I am the fastest man alive, and no one, not even a rat, is gonna be faster than me!"

"Someone should clue you in, man. I'm no rat. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, and you're going down!"

In the blue corner, we have Sonic the Hedgehog from the promotional comic of the same name, and in the red corner, we have A-Train from The Boys.



  • This is a battle to the death or incapacitation. No holds barred.
  • Neither character are aware of each other beforehand, and there is no prep time.
  • Neither character are allowed any outside help.
  • This battle takes place in Green Hill Zone, giving Sonic the home-field advantage.
  • Only A-Train's 9-B statistics are used, and he does not have any Compound V at this time.
  • Speed is not equalized.
With all this being said, let the debate begin!

  • Speed Addict: 2 (ElixirBlue, LeoEpicGamer8910)
  • Drug Addict: 0
  • Inconclusive: 0
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Sonic’s AP and Durability is over 200,000 joules more than A-Train.

Sonic is smaller than A-train, who is only experienced in fighting similar sized opponents, has a sharp, spiky back to be hugged/grabbed, and has better mobility than A-Train with his Acrobatics and Underground Mobility.

A-Train only has the speed advantage at Supersonic but Sonic’s baseline Transonic was done casually without knowing that he could, meaning he likely has more speed he never showed.

Voting for Promo Comic Sonic.
looks like a-train is actually 8 megajoules looking at the end of his attack potency section, which would give him an over 11x advantage, though sonic does upscale from his 700 kj feat
looks like a-train is actually 8 megajoules looking at the end of his attack potency section, which would give him an over 11x advantage, though sonic does upscale from his 700 kj feat
That also places him square in 9-A, which was specifically restricted in this match.
Apparently the conversion I did was wrong, my bad.

After examining the statistics again, I have done it again. The nuances of statistics conversion left me accidentally making an AP stomp.

I'll close this.
Not open for further replies.