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So...we are saying DC vs Mortal Kombat is canon?

I mean, its non-canon to MK, but since everything DC is now considered canon, Pretty sure it is in DC's case. However, MK characters are mentioned in dialogues in Injustice. So are DC Characters in MK. BUT we do have many non-canon characters on this wiki from not just MK, but from every franchise.

Heck, Dark Kah has a profile...So i think Batman is possibly allowed. But i'm not too sure.
Actually, There's a possibility that MK vs DC is canon in the MK universe. Knowing that Dark Kahn, Batman, The Kombat Rage and even The Joker himself are mentioned in MK11 dialogues.
Well Joker has made several references to MK vs DC. He's reffered to the whole rage mechanic, hitting Scorpian with the boxing glove, the main villain of MK vs DC, and several characters asking him why has he returned.
Actually, I recall someone else saying that MK and Injustice are part of the same multiverse as of MK 11. With MK Vs DC being part of the multiverse/MK 8
Of course Joker is going to mention some DC things, he is a non canon guest character, dunno if we can just take him 100% seriously. Just like Raiden and Sub Zero in Injustice 2, or MK11 Raiden talking with Sub Zero about his dream, they are all kool references but that's it

The stage in Raiden Vs Liu Kang flashback is from DC or MK ?
Joker isn't just making DC references, he's specifically talking about MK vs DC. He constantly refers to several events in that game specifically, even several MK characters recognise Joker and ask why has he come back.
When I said "DC things", I was talking about everything that includes DC in MK, which includes MK vs DC

Doesn't matter if they recognise Joker, he is a guest non canon character, with non canon dialogues, making references about MK vs DC in a non canon fight are just easter eggs at least with what we have now
Looking back at both Injustice and MK 11, I actually think they're both canon with each other. Both games refer to MK vs DC Universe more than once whenever they encounter so I don't think it's incorrect to say they aren't canon with each other if both games have guest characters from both series and constantly reference them meeting each other before to fight Dark Kahn.
How are these dialogues non-canon? These are just things the characters would say if they meet up together. We are very much aware these characters have prior knowledge with each other if meeting up.

Anyways. Joker has talked about Kombat Rage, Scorpion saying he remembers Joker all too well (with Joker also referencing when they first met), Sonya says she's had enough of him the first time, Shang Tsung asking why has he returned, and Joker talking about Dark Kahn to Kotal Kahn.

Then we have Injustice. Raiden and Batman claim they've met each other before. Sub-Zero says he's met Flash, Batman, and Cat Woman. Raiden says he respected Superman last time they've met, along with saying they were allies. Flash says "Oh no, not again" when meeting Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero says he met Joker when fighting Dark Kahn. And finally, Raiden says he met Darkseid before due to Dark Kahn.

This is definitely consistent.
He still is non canon since his first time on MK was in a *for now* non canon crossover game

However we still have many material besides Joker that helps

I asked if the stage was from MKVerse or DCVerse because that could prove something, since it's a story mode scene
Ant, both games have referenced each other several times and consistently state they have met. Both games are even made by the same creators.
It should be stated fighting dark kahn is not that much of an outlier since the merging of the two universes was hax and both raiden and supes were amped by rage.
I mean that the power levels of the respective settings do not usually fit with each other, and have been adjusted to be similar for the sake of the crossover, despite if it is considered as canon.
I'm fine with not scalling them together, but I do think certain Injustice/MK profiles should get the Kombat Rage ability or should be merged.
It is the same multiverse at least from what I heard from Ever, but the scaling is all over the place like many fighting games in general.
Yes. Agreed. So what do we need to do here?
Ecstasy Amphetamine said:
I think we should put this on hold until we get more confirmation of DC characters in the MK verse. I feel like intros and the MKvsDC cutscene isn't enough proof. I want to see actual stuff from DC (such as Kombat Rage) interact with canon MK in the form of cutscenes or lore

I do agree that we should wait to gather a bigger collection of evidence first before ultimately merging the continuities.
Looking back at my statement, I have a problem with Joker's profile. Might need to separate it for the time being, until NRS confirms that MKvsDC is part of the canon