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Schnee One said:
Can Jeanne just magic resist Excalibur?
No, it cannot. Noble Phantasms are generally different than regular magic. For example, Shakespear's Noble Phantasm was B Rank but it was still able to affect her. Now to be fair Jeanne was soon about to be able to break it but that hasn't been officially confirmed as to whether it was due to her Magic Resist or because of First Folio having a time limit.
Question, does Jeanne d'Arc have her Command Seals and do they have an affect on Artoria? Conversely does Artoria have Shirou or Rin with Command Seals of their own to negate them?

If we go by the example as they both summoned on their own and no Command Seals are used I would have to ultimately give the win to Artoria Pendragon.

Jeanne d'Arc is incredibly strong, so much to where Artoria is not going to have an easy time. The former's best advantage is her Lumiose Eternelle Noble Phantasm as I am reasonably sure that it can block/divert Excalibur. If not completely then enough to take off most of the force and/or allow Jeanne to escape. Jeanne, however, doesn't have her own solid method of attack aside from La Pucelle which is a suicide move.

On Artoria's side though I think it is doubtful La Pucelle would even be able to take her out with Jeanne since she has Avalon. This provides her high level Regenerationn and, should that fail, transports her to the dimension Avalon, which would shield her from harm.

As such we can only go with their most basic skills. In that sense, Artoria is superior to Jeanne and would logically be able to slay her with superior sword skills.
Artoria beats Jeanne due to her superior skill in combat, and her better defensive NP.

If Jeanne does fall back onto La Pucelle, it's neg'd by Avalon. Jeanne can divert an Excaliblast or two with LE, but that doesn't make up for the skill gap.
Avalon is a 6-D barrier, and no? Where did anyone get that from?

La Pucelle is just an extremely powerful attack, not conceptual destruction. If that's on her profile, it's inaccurate and needs to be CRT'd.

If it was concept manip, it would've destroyed Amakusa's psuedo-plack hole.
In that case, Artoria will likely break LE in an Excaliblast or two.

Which leaves us with two options. 1. Jeanne pulls La Pucelle and incons the fight by killing both of them, or 2. Artoria outskills Jeanne before she can pull La Pucelle and wins the fight.

I'm leaning on two, since Jeanne never pulls La Pucelle unless she absolutely needs it.