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Ruin has come to Twisted Metal. Ancestor vs Calypso

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Madness hax is just one ability VS Calypso's literal dozens of ways to completely ruin the Ancestor's life.

Shit, most of Calypso's powers work on a planetary scale (considering a good number of the wishes he grants involve messing with the entire world and/or its population), so I'm pretty sure he could demolish the few resistances the Ancestor has.
Ancestor has two win cons, Madness and Flaying

Calypso not only shoots first, but has many more.

Calypso with low difficulty
Would he even have the AoE to be able to flay Calypso under the OP's conditions?

OP says Calypso starts off in his "bigger than the ******* Earth" form from the one ending where his Tier 5 rating comes from.
I doubt that he can do his whole "stripped to the bone" thing to a guy that huge. That also isn't thought based, only his madness is.

Worth noting though that he's essentially an offshoot of the Heart of Darkness by now, who does the 5-A feat through something similar (awakening and just being much larger than the planet, violently destroying it) but I don't think we take Heart of Darkness into account.

I don't see how hundreds of meters is insufficient for the other matches though.
Because by SBA the max range is set at 4KM

If his range is only hundreds of meters to Mewtwos planetary, how come Mewtwo didn't just kill the dude before he got close?
Mewtwo doesn't exactly seem to range spam, and Ancestor's undamaged by stronger attacks than he can output.

I'll vote calypso fra here though
Mewtwo leads with TK and even if he didn't the dude has Precog that can see someone's entire life span, plus mindhax and a boatload of other dura ignoring stuff.

Ancestor getting close is much less likely then the thread implies
The speed's at a level where that sort of gap is crossed basically instantly as well.

Shadow mewtwo apparently also lacks a lot of the abilities of the others. Wasn't composite.
Wokistan said:
The speed's at a level where that sort of gap is crossed basically instantly as well.

Shadow mewtwo apparently also lacks a lot of the abilities of the others. Wasn't composite.
I know I shouldn't derail my own thread but gotta ask. Would a match with composite Mewtwo be something? I legit forgot about the fact that it wasn't.
You kinda can't make another match if the thing was already made but with different versions, plus, AP stomp

Correct me if I'm wrong, but at least 90% of the likely scenarios for Ancestor in this matchup boil down to Calypso kicking his ass before he can even do anything.

Am I good to just close this? I mean seriously...
Ancestor has literally one wincon and he needs to get close to a planet sized being to do it

Yeah, stomp.

Firing Stonehenge
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