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VS Battles
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Speed Equalized, Bloodlusted, Both are 7-B, Corrin has access to the Omega Yato and the Dragon Fang skill (Basically Smash Corrin, but without a Dragonstone and a less creative use of Dragon Fang), R.O.B. doesn't have access to his Final Smash (For obvious reasons)

Fight takes place in an empty field

R.O.B. - 1

Corri - 0
R.O.B uses the Beep Boop over and over, and once Corrin gets high enough, kills with an Up-Throw. Alternatively, spam B-Down nonstop and spike them off the stage. As long as R.O.B reads Corrin's Side-B well, then he can win. Also, don't approach unless you have to.
This match just worked just because of Corrin's 7-B rating and him/her being Smash DLC, I thought of making it for a while
This does raise a question tho. Would a smash version of a character play like a pro? (Actually, this matchup is 50-50 surprisingly)
Well, I suppose they would play at a "pro level", I mean at the very least a Level 9 CPU level?

Either way that's probably cancelled out by bloodlust
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Before I contribute to the matchup, I'd like to ask a few questions:

-Are we assuming that R.O.B. has fought every character on the Smash Bros. roster, and has fought on every stage?

-Are we assuming that R.O.B. is being controlled by a professional, bloodlusted Smash player/CPU?

Both of these factors could potentially provide advantages for R.O.B., and I think they could definitely make a difference.
-Sure, why not, just not Corrin since that would give a small amount of prior knowledge

-I wouldn't know, a moderately skilled player?
I'm busy with school stuff right now and I'm trying hard to restrain myself for once, so give me some time. I'll pitch in later.

Corrin's advantages:

-Enhanced senses could provide some edge over R.O.B.

-Healing magic will give Corrin an advantage over R.O.B. because he can keep healing while R.O.B. can't, providing for several advantages

-Likely has higher AP and Dura to an unknown extent, as it actually has a calculated value placed on it

R.O.B.'s advantages:

-far more varied experience in combat, including things that relate to Corrin (Magic users, Water-based attacks and stage hazards, A LOT of sword users, etc.) so R.O.B. should have a HUGE advantage in experience

-can reflect Corrin's projectile game back at him, while simultaneously countering with projectiles of his own

-electric attacks may or may not be especially helpful against water-based attacks (although this isn't Pokemon)
I'll give this to R.O.B.

I think R.O.B.'s overwhelming experience, combined with the ability to negate Corrin's ranged game by reflecting his projectiles back at him with 50% more power than before, should definitely make up for the gap in AP/Dura that may or may not exist.