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Question about Dark Schneider

Since Dark's mind and soul are exist in different dimensions, means that he is immune to mind and soul manip?
No not really.

To begin with, they don't exist in different dimensions but rather in a different plane. Every individual in the series (including humans) have both Spirit (Astral Body) and Soul (Ideal Body) and these exist in the Astral Plane which resides in the Fourth Dimension.

So he isn't immune to mind and soul hax. Just that you'll need 4D mind-soul hax to affect his mind and soul.
and the Fourth Dimension is presented as a place that is unaffected by 3D constructs, like space and time, transcending them. Basically that makes him 5D
That's not how it works otherwise we'd have a crapton of space and time transcending charas to be 5D. And even then, Time and Space are considered to be 3D constructs in the verse, making them 4D.
4D is often referred to as time and 5D is considered transcending time-space in many systems. Simply put, that doesn't change the fact that Darsh transcends space-time.4D in Bastard! is the same as 5D in other fictions
4D being generally referred to as Time does not correlate with what the series establishes i.e. Time as well as Space being 3D constructs within the bastard verse.

And no its not always 5D and involves a case by case scenario. Also no again lol, Darsh does not at all transcend space and time, only Angels and Devils/Demons do. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt and saying he does due to him having Lucien's/Lucifer's soul, it still does not make them 5D at all.
Three Spatials + One Temporal = Space-Time 4D, it is based on this that space and time are considered the Fourth Dimension, if you consider time as the fourth dimension, if you integrate the 3 spatial ones, there would be 7 and that is incorrect.
It totally proves my point about how Space and Time are part of 3D constructs in the series and as such do not comply with how we treat time as 4D LMAO.

Matter of fact, Bastardverse does not AT ALL treat dimensions the same way as this wikia does or irl does or even other verses do. So, Even giving you the benefit of the doubt and say that Bastard charas are above space and time in other verses due to verse equilization, they would still be 4D and nothing more.