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Pilgor (Goat Simulator) vs Deathclaw

Shapeshifting/Transformation (Just a general mutator power)

Gravity Manipulation and Flight as Devil Goat

Flight as Jetpack

Summoning as Goat Queen

Spin Dash as Blue Streak

Transmutation and Explosion Manipulation as Italian Dinosaur Goat

Sound Manipulation as Goatborn

Air Manipulation as Tornado Goat

Broadway Force as Deadgoa7

Summoning as Hitchhiker Goat

Pocket Reality Manipulation with Inventory

Broadway Force as I Am Baguette

Transmutation as I Am Toaster

Flight as Flappy Goat

Energy Projection as Excaligoat

Time Stop as Wheel Goat

Fire Manipulation as Magician

Explosion Manipulation as Microwave

Invisibility as Rouge

Electricity Manipulation as Zeus

Gravity Manipulation as Anti-Gravity Goat

Also she should have class 5-10 lifting strength seeing as she can drag around cars and large boulders easily

And its not mentioned that she can be in the epicenter of a gas station exploding and not be injured...
"Is extremely glitchy (look at Goat Simulator Glitches)" and is missing a lot of content


This profile is actually terrible

The stamina is legitimately based on "Oh yeah the player can just play the game for a long time so there's that"

Range: "Long"

And this means? What does "Long" mean exactly? Is it beyond the concept of distance itself? Is it 5 meters? Is it universal?
That, and she may or may not be capable of hurting spirits, since she can hurt and kill ghosts in the GoatZ map.