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Parting my way

Welp, it's about that time for me to wrap up my time and effort here. I'm gonna make this short and be succinct here due to both time restrictions and a genuine lack of interest (which I'll elaborate further upon later.) for this wiki and the current "meta" we seem to be ever stuck in, I only have one last mission to accomplish which is finalizing the outdated profiles of a verse, which should be done within the next upcoming week or so.

Within this timeframe I would prefer not to be asked to give any input on any threads, regardless of the reason, aside from that between school and work during a Pandemic my schedule has been full and quite frankly arguing over fictional characters with random people behind a screen just isn't worth the little to no time I have off.

Aside from real life responsibilities I've grown to slowly dislike this site more and more, this isn't an insult to any particular user but rather the meta of the wiki as a whole. I suppose one could call this state the wiki is in as "shallow" allowing for either a disproportionate amount of wank or downplay, as long as the "argument" is longer than a paragraph, even when said paragraph(s) are inherently incorrect.

There was a time when we held our standards to a much, much higher level of scrutiny and required much more evidence and supportive backing in order to make a notable change in profiles, weither that be a large change in hax or bumping characters to being several tiers above what they were previously (With some characters even going from lacking tier 7 feats and having genuine anti-feats to being bumped to Multiversal level on the basis of what could be very easily be considered as flowery language. Characters who can't even perform Moon level feats, then making said characters Tier 2-1 via wonky scaling and hyperbolic like text.) so yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the current state of the wiki nor how it's being handled.


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Content Moderator
I know this may sound like a shallow or blanket kind of response, but I'm sorry that you can no longer get enjoyment out of your time here. Even if I didn't really know you all that well beyond how I've seen you interact with others, I do wish you the best in whatever you find yourself doing.

I know a lot of people have mixed opinions about where the direction of the site is going and I won't try to make excuses for how it's perceived, because I do think there's truth to the things being said by these users.

Good luck with your endeavors, stay safe.


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I obviously also agree that we need to make sure that upgrades and downgrades alike are reliable, but it is much easier said than done to accomplish in practice when we are being overwhelmed by the sheer number of revision threads. Help in this regard is extremely appreciated.

Anyway, I understand if you are stressed out by everything going on in the real world right now, and do not blame you for quitting under such circumstances, even though I would prefer if you stay.

Goodbye, and please try to take care of yourself.


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God Dammit....

You were one of the first friends I made on here, all I can hope is that you stay active on discord so you and I can talk more.

Take care