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PAD CRT: GrimRock Rocks the City Block (Lower Tier AP upgrade)


Hello everyone, here's a nice, simple, and quick AP update for Puzzle and Dragons, no big lore dumps or confusing mechanics about power systems.

GrimRock punches the ground and makes a fissure and we calced it, simple as that. The accepted Calc is from the updated EDIT, and is the mid end which got a result of 331,105,611,600 Joules, which I believe is City Block Level+ if I checked my math right.

GrimRock is a 3 Star Monster, which are currently Building Level based on scaling to Mistrain's natural lightning feat. This is a bit of a jump in power, but it does at least stay within the Tier 8 brackets, and Mistrain's description is far more casual than GrimRock's, so I don't think this is a particular outlier, especially since there are so far only 2 good feats total anyways. I think this is a pretty non-controversial AP upgrade for this monster class.

Because this AP rating is so close to the threshold for Multi-City Block Level though (Again, if I've done my math right, I believe it's only a 1.2x difference), 3 Star Monsters who have abilities or powers that give them multipliers will probably need Multi-City Block Level listed for those abilities. For example: The Heavy Infantry Hobgoblin can double its AP with 'Defensive Position', so it would likely need a rating similar to: "City Block Level+, Multi-City Block Level with 'Defensive Position'"

The following profiles would need updated for this change:

Seems so, especially since it's straightforward. I'll get to it...at least as soon as I can
I believe all of these are now also completed, and this can be closed as well