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New Staff Promotions (#2)


VS Battles
FC/OC VS Battles
Quite the short time by a month, i guess. ^^;

Anyways, i'd like to announce the promotion of staff of two people here, ones who've done quite an amazing job on improving our wikia here and other such features that have proved quite helpful to me on the long run here.

ExoSaiyan9000: Content Moderator --> Administrator

Exo has been shown to be a very helpful hand ever since he stepped foot on our wikia here. Originally he was just like me, Prom, Ziel (back then), and everyone else like Xmark and Dragon where we post characters and develop them but started to show the potential of helping others on how we run stuff here. From informing others on tiering to fixing up pages for any grammar errors or otherwise, he is also knowledgeable on the basics here of that and is a very polite person and responsible too at that, and is one that likes to see the Wikia here improve more. Thus, he has been honored and promoted as our new administrator. :)

Promestei: Admistrator --> Bureaucrat

Promestein has been one of my most reliable members of my staff here ever since my reign as FC/OC's owner and bureaucrat. A very close friend i've gotten to know real well over the months since we first met and talked, Prom is a creative girl with a creative mind and is quite knowledgeable in our general standards here. She's polite and chill to others, but also follows my ways of not being nice if one happens to disrespect her or anyone (Exo, take note of this please). Like our admin jobs at the main Battles wikia, she knows how to get the job and is an extremely helpful hand on anything she may be able to take care of, especially assisting me and having my back at anytime she's on.

Back to here now, Prom has also shown interest in on improving the wikia of ours here (like ExoSaiyan) and has even presented to me a couple ideas before in the past some time ago on what we needed to polish up on here and there, which leads on to her being advisable to me and even lending suggestions of what the best action should done accordingly. Thus with all this, she has been honored and promoted with the position and role as our new and additional bureaucrat of FC/OC. :D

I give my personal congratulations to the both of you, and i hope you both good luck with these new roles here from here on out, as well as continuing to try your best to help out on the wikia here and to improve it. ^_^

Everyone, please make them feel welcomed.
I'm sure both of you will do a great job in your positions, this wiki needs reliable staff to keep it from becoming a potential mess.

Congratulations, both of you.
Oh yeah, there is also a couple things i forgot to mention of these two.

For Prom having been very helpful to me and being one who knows generally all that is that comes with making characters or other such manners such as stat questions or such, she is also given (albeit this was done a short while back but whatever) the role of being our own wiki's consultant alongside that of being bureaucrat here.

For Exo having been one who goes onto other users walls here to help try and point out problems or just to give any helpful hand or even to just inform them or anything, i have given him the role of being the face of the one who welcomes other new users here (pretty much what Prom is assigned to on VSBW in case anyone here doesn't know this. Just think that).

Just to let everyone else know of this here. ^^
Congratulations you two!

Whenever I've visited here you two have seem to been really hard working for the site. So it's nice to see ya get promoted :)