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VS Battles
Valkyria Alicia and One-tailed kid Naruto, speed equal. No Final Flame


Alicia:1 (Dat Dot)

Inconclusive:2 (Unite My Rice, WilliamShadow)
Leaning towards alicia for now via her range of energy beam, she can use it to blast naruto clones away like she does to poor bunker and tanks.
Look at you being fancy with added music :^)

Naruto has his chakra arms which can likely cover hundreds of meters at an extremely fast pace. The description of her beams sound like an NLF, but I'm not sure if they get past his chakra cloak.

Beams are just a very strong energy beam. Not sure were the "pierce everything" comes from
Leaning towards Alicia. Also, when you say 'speed equalize' which type of speed are you talking about and why does every battle I see have this? It seems like a handicap to me. Anyway, I don't think Naruto could outspeed her reactions and since in a couple of hits, she was able to knock out Selvaria who bats aside any number of tank shells and mortars like annoying flies during the two missions she confronts you, I doubt any but his strongest moves would seriously endanger her.

Yes, he has clones but the Shadow Clone Jutsu halves the user's chakra evenly among however many number of clones (which is a point I believe Kishimoto seriously forgot about later on) but she has a large variety of beam attacks that can and will clear out trees and clones like a scythe through wheat. That's chakra he isn't getting back. He can make hundreds but the loss would equal the effort put into them.

I do believe he can do plenty of damage if he uses his head to plan out his attacks but we need to also factor in the corrosive effects of Kyuubi's chakra on Naruto. At this stage, they aren't sharing bro-fists between each other. They hate each other and it shows as the chakra cloak usually burns his skin off. So, while Naruto has alot of stamina, he's got a giant fox in his gut giving him its powers while trying to kill him at the same time. This affects the way Naruto fights, i.e. attacking more like an animal or moving like one in his attacks. In the one-tailed state, I don't believe he's ever shown the mental discipline to think strategically when he was a kid. Hell, he's shown to not be in control of himself all the way up until he finally defeated the Kyuubi in the seal during the 4th Shinobi World War, attacking Sakura, Jiraiya, etc. If it wasn't 'Naruto smash!!', then it wasn't in his mind.

Trying to attack head on is going to get him a giant beam (or beams) right to the face. I'm not saying one hit will tank him down but it'll injure him, he'll heal, burn through alot more stamina while also burning his own body literally, etc..

This is why I'm giving it to Alicia. One-tailed kid Naruto simply has too many things going against him. He's not in the right mind set, he's under constant pain, he's in a pain-induced murder frenzy, while Alicia isn't going to use the final flame so she isn't suicidal and in control of herself.
Kaltias said:
Beams are just a very strong energy beam. Not sure were the "pierce everything" comes from
Well, in the anime, they're capable of annihilating a whole column of tanks, and even vaporized Faldio's squadmates to the point there was nothing left, not even ashes, so maybe not a beam that pierces everything conventionally, but rather with extreme heat.
@Lu Bane Speed is equalized so that means all levels of speed are equalized

Alicia gets one shooted by a rasengan sent from an extended chakra arm
Speed equal means all speeds equal (atta attack, movement, combat etc). Song is Into Combat

Alicia no sell attacks from other mid end 8-C's, so she is being one shotted how?
Rasengan has a penetrative force to it , constantly rotating / piercing a focus point of a thing.

I doubt she can survive being rotated at a force so rapid and then be okay with the after attack of it exploding ((Rasengans explode and expand, shown the first time Naruto used it on a tank)
  • looks around for the source of music*
Oh insanity must have taken over me. But legit how do you even add that... Source mode?

Anyway I forgot is Naruto sensible enough or sane enough here? Kinda leaning on a tie seeing other people's arguments.
Alicia has handled penetrating attacks. Bullets, mortars, tank shells, a bombardment from the cannons of the Marmota; basically, no modern weapon of that war could scratch her. A rasengan is powerful, I'll admit, but at this stage of Naruto, I don't believe I have ever seen him utilize a chakra arm for anything other than propelling himself or swiping things. He still needed two hands to make the rasengan at this age so I don't believe he'd have the control to stabilize it on the end of a chakra arm.
http://images5.fanpop.com/image/user_images/4201000/Zekrom676-4201732_640_480.jpg nope, in this form Naruto made a rasengan with only one hand

+ chakra arms have been used to send out jutsus, including rasengan



it wouldn't be complicated for him to just make a rasengan at hand, volley it to a chakra arm and then send it flying to his enemy


chakra arms are even capable of making these on their own

Bullets penetrate in a sense that it's kinda really fast blunt hit?

Rasengans penetrate in a sense of rotating to the point of shredding things


https://media.giphy.com/media/MtJwM5N4fuMgw/giphy.gif rasengans are wayyyy scarier than modern military bullets


  • Looks at links.......facepalms*
Dude, Girl, whatever, try to keep to the battle specifications. This is child Naruto, not 9-Tailed Kyuubi-mode Naruto. Yes, the chakra arms are capable of doing that stuff but assuming that form would either be impossible for Naruto at this age or kill him in seconds since Kyuubi wants him to die at this point in time.

Not only that, but that gif is Minato, not Naruto, and that rasengan is obviously much more powerful than what child Naruto could do. Compare it to what his Rasengan against Kabuto doing the Tsunade Retrieval episodes to see the clear difference.
The phoots were to example how Naruto would use his chakra arms to send a rasengan from a distance, he can't go into KCM mode as a kid.

+ Althought Minato's rasengan is more amplified than kid Naruto's rasengan, Minato was pushing down on someone on the ground so you would see the collateral damage more than if someone was sent across a flat surface or upwards. http://i.imgur.com/NPDANX7.jpg -- on a metal structure ((kid naruto)http://kaosounet.free.fr/Naruto/jutsu/Rasengan5.jpg -- on the ground ((kid naruto ))