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Minor CRT for Evankhell and Khel Hellam

As we know, Evankhell and Khel Hellam are Country level+ with their Ancient Powers, but I come here with the proposal to discuss whether during all the times they were using these powers, tehy were really holding back their true power or using their full power in a reduced space, which means that they couldn't full extent or capacity due to massive AoE that can draw the attention of Floor Guardians

Of course, this will not affect the characters that scale to Evankhell and Khel Hellam with their Ancient Powers, since even if they were holding their true power, both would still be 6-B+ anyway, but if we agree that the two have not been using their full strength on any occasions, both would only be stronger than the rest of the 6-B+ of the verse
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No. If it is accepted that they were actually holding back their true power, we will just leave a note at the end of their profiles (or just an explanation in the end of their AP justification) explaining that all of their Ancient Powers feats were performed when they were holding back, and their full power should be stronger than the partial release, it's almost the same situation with Kallavan, where he was always with his left arm tied behind his back which was restricting his full power (he could easily break the restriction any moment, he just didn't this because he accepted his punishment which Adori/Zahard put on him) and he could only use the EoB partailly realeased (or restrained Essence of Bravery Form depending on what you want to call it) if this terminology is applied to Evankhell and Khel Hellam.
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I mean Evankhell was at one point at the 60th rank so i wouldn't be surprised. Though we need a bit more solid evidence of that. Like i know that Evankhell wasn't even at their full size most of the time, but idk if they held back. I mean they failed to stop khallavan. You could argue that they fear the administrator's anger but i am pretty sure there were far more high-rankers and rankers at the last station and the admin didn't interfere, so technically evankhell could have gone all out in the battle to beat khel hellam, but she didn't. So i ain't so sure about this we need more evidence.
Well, I think I'm going to start commenting on my opinion on this thread too.

The comment I'm going to post now is not mine, it's from @ElajRuengies about this subject

"By that do you mean- were they not using their full power, or were they fighting at full power but in a vastly reduced space-? Because I think it's a bit of both.

Given how the 2nd Floor Administrator got super annoyed at all the Ranker ruckus (and Evankhell doing the opposite of her job as a Floor Ruler by causing more ruckus), and the 43rd Admin was enraged with the mass slaughter byb Enryu, it seems like Admin's care more about the size of the area affected by fights (thus how much damage is being done to the Floor), rather than how much power is actually being used.

The distance covered in Karaka and Yuri's first fight was pretty spacious given that it was only two people going it at it, and Yuri's first Rose Shower had a giant AoE. Cut to the Last Station and there's an entire Division (and later 3/4ths of a whole Squadron) of people around Yuri's level all pulling up, but the Floor Ruler only intervenes after Evankhell shows up and raises AoE Hell. Other than Evankhell going crazy, the fights are much more compact (such as Yuri's Rose Shower being almost totally confined to Cheonhee's Vortex of Doom), with even Jinsung versus Kallavan only happening with the space of a few hundred meters max.

With that said, every time Evankhell raises AoE Hell, it still says "Partial Release of Ancient Power", and if the terminology is following the same logic as Kallavan's Partial Release of the EoB, then it means Evankhell still isn't going all out.

In other words, Ancient Power Folk are limited to only using some of their full ancient power, not because of the actual potency, but because of the insane AoE it causes which makes the Admin very angry because they apparently believe in quantity over quality."

I agree with what he said about it, which the Administrators was not necessarily worried about potency generated by Khel Hellam's and Evankhell's Ancient Powers, its because of their massive AoE if they use the Ancient One's full potential
Shouldn't the "High 7-A+" characters be downgraded to "At least High 7-A"? Because I saw that the Hell Train calc value (2.38 Gigatons) still doesn't come close to the High 7-A+ baseline