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King Sombra vs Dazzlings

Prime Dazzlings vs King Sombra


Speed equalized

Starting distance is 25 meters

Dazzlings: 1

Sombra: 1

Inconclusive: 1

Pretty sure he would wipe the flour with them. His Mindfuck should be at least equal to their, plus he got Fear, Illusions, Magic Null. And he is smarter too. Not only that, but Dazzlings scale to Starswirl, who should be at the very best alicorn level. And it requiered two of the alicorns to defeat Sombra.

My personal opinion - this is a curbstomp, but if not, then vote for Sombra.
Mind control via singing, Sombra still doesn't resist mindhax. Sombra also has to look them in the eyes to use fearhax. or make those weird eye projections. Power nullification only works on unicorn horns. There is also three of them and one Sombra however I'm not sure how the illusions work, or how that would play out.
Let me tell you smt first. I HATE when this wiki eats my messages.

Now, to business.

They don't resist it either. So, its glare vs singing. Also, I'm not even that sure that this versio uses Mind Manip in a fight.

Also it doesn't mean a thing that there are 3 of them. They're always together, in a single spot.
The pillars had just showed up, dont think they had a chance to use it as the fight ended fairly quickly.
Yeah, but even so, if they try to use their beams against Sombra, then he will near-instantly overpower them, because he is much stronger. So it is still 50/50 if they even use mindhax. And even if they use it, this is still only, like, 25% chance that they'll win against his own mindhax. And it's not considering some scenarions like sounds vs beams.
King Sombra won't be trying to send them through a portal, he will be fighting the entire tome. The three of them can use mindhax near instantly and from a distance, Sombra has to get up close and then look them in the eyes to use fearhax.
I can really see this going both ways. In terms of offense, no contest, Sombra wins, but they both have pretty good mindhax abilities they can shoot off without much haste.

Leaning towards incon cause the Dazzlings main thing is their mindhax, while it seems like a fairly inconsequential power for Sombra, but once they hax him, they really can't do anything to him.
Prime Dazzlings you say? Me smells a stomp. But seriously, leaning tiwards the Dazzlings since they are superior to Starswirl to the point where he had to BFR them. I'd say that is a decent power gap is he didn't think he could just blast them into submission, and it's not like he didn't have a team to distract them for a 1 on 1. Even if that isn't the case, our current scaling puts Starswirl a bit below Celestia tiers, and Sombra has to deal with three of them with his only means of mindhax being helmets and slow moving energy eyes.
They still weren't using mindhax in batlle in this version. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I can't recall any instance where they were using mindhax in a fight.