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Karna vs Romulus Quirinus


Base servant forms
Time to see who the Grand Lancer really is


Bronze Supporter
Hmm, Karna is more skilled and KnK makes him hard to hurt but Roma would resist all of Karnas flame attacks, VS may work but Karna generally takes awhile to pull it out plus Romas Luck might effect Karna pulling it out as well so... im gonna wait to vote for a bit cause atm I dont know which way to go tbh.
Oh this is a tough one. Though I think Quirinus has the better skills and equipment for this matchup. The one major thing Karna has is Vasavi Shakti though I don't think he's going to lead with that. Meanwhile Quirinus' Apotheosis and Throne of Quirinus skills allow him to increase his strength and gain virtually any skill he desires as long as it's not inherent to a specific Heroic Spirit's legend, even if it's one specific to their body or a class he doesn't belong to. Though physically they are pretty close. Gonna place my vote for Quirinus.

Edit: Not sure if his Authority resistances apply in base servant container, but if they do then Quirinus may have an easier time of it if they're applicable.
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Following and let's not forget that Karma's armour gives him 90% damage reduction