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In the forest, a Wolf fights a Bear

How exactly is this fair? He resists naughtys best haxs, is slightly over 5 times stronger and more durable, is Massively more skilled and experienced, better haxs since naughty can't resist, Leagues under LS wise, And doesn't seem to have anyway to realistically bypass his immortality. Naughty has no real advantages and gets stomped in most of them.
Well paralyzing is a way to incap, however, is it not? You can still knock him out and he could use the sacrificial dagger to summon an army
It is not as it doesn't last nearly long enough to count for a win. He isn't knocking him out. Not at the Durability level. Or skill level, or every advantage he holds. A 10 out of 10 fight leads to him being obliterated from sheer everything taking him down.