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Idea Regarding Attack Potency, Speed, And The Casual Viewer


Joke Battles
So i was thinking of an idea, and it relates to the attack potency and speed. Like ok, starting with attack potency, we can put like uh a general low or high point for each stat on the AP page by the main mathematics. Like Russia for continent, the Sears Tower for Large Building, Jupiter for Large Planet, etc....same with speed. Uh supersonic for point blank bullet shots, peak human for people like Olympic Track Runners....you get the point. This also helps for debaters that aren't math or science wizzes.

But let's remember first and foremost this is merely an idea.
Seems a good idea for me, useful for reference. I was researching for a force chart (more like creating it), and some deportist are subsonic
Good idea; I'm no calc wiz, so this should be good for beginner page makers... Like me. >_<|||

Hoping staff approves...
This could be useful, especially for stuff like Mountain, Small Island and Island level.