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If i remember correctly, to kill a saint seiya god requires destroying their mortal body, soul, and human host, otherwise they quickly return.

If all three are destroyed, they fall into a decades long sleep, and they will never fully die as long as the concept they embody remains.

With that in mind i think Demiurge is able to potentially kill Cronus, although he will return later, that will be long into the future.

Now Cronus has potentially dangerous abilities ie existence erasure which i am assuming kills people with mid-godly regen, and also concept manipulation.

Where Demiurge has an advantage though is that Demiurge will know everything about Cronus, so i think she will act faster in taking him out by erasing him.
>Fate hax an acausal being

Although i know stuff like this does happen in saint seiya, how likely would he even start with that though is the question.

Also cronus doesn't have power null on his profile, demiurge does though, and demiurge can see all of time past, present, and the infinite possibilities for the future, and understand everything about a person including their past and ideology in their entirety, she isn't just gonna let cronus hax her without doing anything.
Will he use it first though? The answer is no cause demiurge will know literally everything cronus is going to do in an infinite number of scenarios, demiurge will act faster.
It's an obvious stomp though? High Godly regen, acausality + infinitely above 2-A, how is demiurge suppose to win?
Dante is like the one smt guy who doesn't have all that lol.

Though might be mistaken and there are more, but everyone who is a demon in smt has those i know that though.

Is dante also infinitely above 2-A?
Every SMT character is infinitely above 2A, he's actually higher end of the spectrum since he stomped Late Game Demi Fiend

Though why does being infinitely above Baseline an issue? Dem won against Anubismon
@Gar Well if they aren't acausal and don't have op high godly regen it's not an issue.

Though just not being acausal might be enough, demiurge could maybe incap with fate hax.
Demiurge won against Anubismon before the latter became infinitely-above Baseline

And Dante likely isn't Infinitely-above baseline, either.
Not sure if Dante scales to Kagutsuchi. He literally vanishes from the plot of the game way before the Giant Head is fought.
Isn't that because he joined the party, Ultima? At that point he was kind of like generally accepted to be in Demi-Fiend's party to the end of it for all intents and purposes so not really much need for him to have any more scenes.
I think it would be fine to scale him as in the same league of the Disco Ball, if nothing else. He should logically have been present for the final battle after joining, even if he didn't get any more scenes after that.
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