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Code Vein: Small Lifting Strength upgrade


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will Code Vein ever stop being revised?

Jokes aside, this is super minor, something I'm not really bothered about either way, so let's just get it done with.

Alright, alright. This was something I took note of mentally with the recent lifting strength upgrade for Devil May Cry. If a character can trade blows with another character and neither of them are completely tossed around, it's safe to say that they have comparable lifting strength.

I didn't really think much about this at the time, but considering how it is possible for characters like The Queenslayer to poise through; or at least hold their ground against almost any attack in the game, they should be comparable to characters such as The Virgin Bor, or the Successor of the Ribcage (no profile yet) who are considered At least Class 5 via size alone.

So, essentially, upgrade the main cast from "At least Peak Human, likely higher" to "At least Class 5". Simple enough. :p
Letsa bump!
B to the U to the M to the P!
ah, another human being. it's been too long

I'll just see if I can get some approval from a Content Mod or Admin.
Perfect. I'll start updating the profiles now. Thank you for your help.