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Bloom (Winx Club) VS God-Man (Tom The Dancing Bug)

Do you know how strong Bloom is on the 2-C scale ? Even if we ignore Achereon ( Which would make her so far higher on the 2-C scale it would be ludicrous ) , she is at least 10-20X Multi-Universal in her Base form via Great Dragon's creation feats, nevermind her own transformations. God-Man to be honest doesn't have enough cushion here, and at best is around 2-3X Multi-Universal max. Add in the obvious hax advantage, and she pretty much curbs here, no matter WHICH transformation she has. If this is Season 7+ Bloom, she curbs with a finger. The others have more difficulty due to her inexperience, but even Season 1+ Bloom should be able to curb, via massive advantage on 2-C scale , and better hax even in her lesser transformations. She definitely has my vote. There are only a few 2-C's whom can match her raw power equally.