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Attack Potency of beings made of data


VS Battles
Content Moderator
What is the exact Attack Potency of a being made of data? I know that they are tiered Below Average Human Level but what is the exact value?
SImply being made of data do not grant any rating, be slow or high. A simply AI that gives tips do not really fight, meanwhile there's other beings capable to take over machines with war equipment; or perhaps, the being can manifest at will in the physical world, in which case it can have any rating depending of its feats.
I meant characters like these: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/GIFfany.
You could say something like her is Below Average Human level, but not cuz its physically weak, such thing wouldn't apply to a program, but due being unable to interact with the physical world, as that limitation also applies to the i habitants of the physical world, they can't interact with her unless they got their hands in the CD.
You can say she have AP "NONE", but since that do not exist, you can go by below average or unknown, as long is explained; only way to interact with the physical world is by possessing machines, machines that got their own stats.