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What can Akira do that can beat Ember?. He can't harm her do to the difference in power, His Stand pulling her with it into something electrical won't destroy her do to Regenerationn. Looks like a stomp to me.

What could he do with prep time?.
Shit, I forgot ghosts cant be electrocuted, and she aint an ordinary human like Keicho. I thought he would stand a chance by KO'ing her with brute force and knowledge of what she is.
Ghosts in Danny Phantom usually give themselves tangible forms so she could be electrocuted but do to her Regenerationn and physiology, she won't get knocked out. He can interact with her if she goes intangible or non-corporeal but given the difference in power, he can't do any real damage and given her body is just a construct, K.Oing her is out.

The only time ghosts get knocked out are if they are half ghosts like Danny or Vlad because they still feel fatigue do to their human side. And Danny/Dan's Ghostly Wail can incapacitate/K.O ghosts because it messes up their physiology and stops their Regenerationn.
But cant Otoishi just attack her from a long distance and regenerate since it doesn't kill him if RHCP gets mortally wounded? Okuyasu erased his legs and Josuke completely destroyed it via water, yet he was alive still. Stands can also phase thru objects and are basically immortal to non stand users.

If its a stomp an admin can just close this. I actually thought Akira Otoishi stood a chance
Yes, he and his stand can play the range game and it has good Regenerationn. But Ember has range as well which is her mind control wave via her music so him staying a distance won't be an issue for her given she can cover Town to City size places with said music.

If this was before all the Danny Phantom revisions I did, he would have stood a chance.