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A True Battle

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My god.... Erm. No pun or worship intended.

'Is The Authority in his Crystal Prison? 'This might be something that needs a revision, but if my sources & understanding are correct....

....The Authority outlives.

Checking the His Dark Materials Wiki....

"Around 2000 B.C., the Authority chose Metatron to be his Regent. The Authority believed that conscious beings were becoming too independent, and together with Metatron, he planned to set up an inquisition in every world.

Metatron became more powerful than the Authority and seized control. To keep dominance, he betrayed and trapped the Authority in the crystal box; this successfully kept the other angel alive, but imprisoned."

Metatron became more powerful than the Authority and seized control. To keep dominance, he betrayed and trapped the Authority in the crystal box; this successfully kept the other angel alive, but imprisoned."


"During the battle for the Republic of Heaven, William Parry freed the Authority from his crystal prison with Æsah├ªttr. He died after being harassed by cliff-ghasts."

William Parry was born in 1985, & is 13 years old. Meaning since The Authority was alive until Will broke his prison, & his death followed a bit later, from the wind.

The Authority was put in his Crystal Prison sometime after Metatron's betrayal of him in 2000 B.C., & it apparently kept him alive until around 1998.

Meanwhile, his opponent. ....

Durability: Below Average Human (Can not take care of himself, and can not get off of the ground, every minute needs tons of food to stay active)

Weaknesses: Needs an Autonaut to stay alive, extreme need for supplies and food

Without anything maintaining the Folk, & if the Authority is in his Crystal Prison, he outlives. ....But if not, he dies moments into the match, being fragile enough to be killed by the wind.

His opponent can at least survive some minutes unassisted, no? The Authority outside of his Crystal Prison probably dies to Earth's gravity... or rough weather.

Speaking of, where does the battle take place?

Of course, The Authority only wins if Folk actually does die when unassisted, as opposed to just being incapable of posing as an offensive threat.
I should mention before people keep voting. I argued for Authority... but based on an assumption. I would NOT say I meant to vote for him, but I also didn't mean to vote for The Folk.

I'm not sure we actually know enough to vote decisively.

Specifically, The Authority's ability to win is VERY DEPENDENT that The Authority is in his Crystal Prison: In the canon of the setting he's from, from what I've read on the His Dark Materials Wiki, The Authority was killed by the wind shortly after being freed from his Crystal Prison by it being broken.

If you can be killed by the wind, then it becomes questionable if you can survive Earth's gravity, light rain, or other conceivable natural events that could happen in this conflict.

Again, The Folk can survive a few minutes unassisted, then will start dying from starvation.

By comparison, The Authority, WITHOUT being inside his Crystal Prison, likely dies far sooner to Earth's natural gravity.

I don't actually know the durability required to survive raindrops falling on you, but I'd risk saying The Authority outside his Crystal Prison risks being killed by even mild natural weather.

But inside his Crystal Prison, The Authority likely wins via outliving. So....

@Hork2: Where does this battle take place? What is weather like, if any? What time? Is The Authority in his Crystal Prison, & is it entirely in-tact?
@TheLegendaryHerker: Frankly, I think The Authority LOSES if he isn't in his Crystal Prison, due to being torn apart by the wind, & WINS via outliving if he is in it, as the Folk probably, LITERALLY wouldn't last 10 minutes unassisted.

So I think we need to know if The Authority has access to his Crystal Prison. Similarly, knowing the battle's environment might help. Standard Battle Assumptions says Central Park, so.... Can we expect Central Park get any mild winds or rain?
Authority for reasons above, is the first time that the man is winning.
@Therefir: Sorry to post so much here. I like the idea of The Authority winning too, but.... I'm assuming we don't know if he's in his Crystal Prison or not. Without it, we have to assume there's no wind for several minutes for Folk to starve for The Authority to be able to win.
If Authority is not in his prison/Theres wind present:

Folk via his begging creating a disturbance in the air, his breathe withering away at the Authority's defenses, and eventually biting through and destroying his body via the power of the Element of Air

If Authority is in his prison/Theres no wind present:

Authority, via Authority
I'm just curious: The Authority only wins if he's in his Crystal Prison.... He'd presumably die before the Folk did. But how do we know he is in it for this match? His profile makes no mention of it, & he doesn't have a Standard Equipment section.
Isn't the Authority in his Prison throughout his entire appearance in HDM? (until the moment he dies, obviously)
@MrKingOfNegativity: Presumably, but our profile for The Authority doesn't even MENTION it.

Also, assuming the Crystal Prison a cube (I don't know the shape. If anyone does, I'd like to know.), since if it had gaps, wind could get in to kill him. If the gaps were big enough, there probably wouldn't be a need for 13 year old William Parry to break it with what the HDM wiki calls "a knife with a blade so fine it could rip through the fabric between the worlds of the multiverse."

(Which brings up the question of how durable is this Crystal Prison if that knife is what broke it.)

Another issue with having an unspoken assumption that he's always in his Crystal Prison -& that it has no gaps.- is that it calls some of The Authority's previous matchups into question.

Depending on if they can break it or not, Composite Ant, Bacteriophage & maybe Mr. Burns would probably lose to The Authority now on account of him outliving. He might outlive other opponents, too this way.

So, it seems to me that accepting that he wins here because of his Crystal Prison means revising those match results.
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