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  1. NikHelton

    Doppo Orochi Prime and verse scaling

    There is a huge confusion with the level of forces in the verse, the main reason for which is the Prime key for Orochi, suggesting that after the battle with Yujiro, Orochi weakened many times, which affects the scaling chain of the entire verse. I will quote the arguments of @Twellas and say a...
  2. Luca

    Small Baki crt.

    1.Awakened Power and regeneration Via Demon brain Baki has in difficulty against Yujiro but since the Demon brain got Activated Baki got a limited Regeneration And Awakened power even Yujiro recognize Baki Power 2.Empowerment via Hanma blood When the Hanma blood was "Wake" Baki get a Statboost...
  3. Luca

    Crt:Baki & Yujiro

    Baki hanma: Surface scaling:Baki climbing 9th floor to talk to Katsumi Telepathy:Baki can talk to yasha ape with this Telepathy Heat Manipulation:Baki can increase this Temperature Mind Manipulation:Baki can Scare a person by affecting this mind with a image of what this arrivals to him if he...