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  1. Fireld

    Sonic Red-Black CTR

    It's that time! Knuckles the Echidna Scaling: Sonic Heroes Website-Has unbeatalbe power in battle Shadow the Hedgehog-Has greater strength than Sonic & Shadow Sonic Battle Website-His punch has an heavier blow than anybody else Sonic-City & Cover-Is as strong as Sonic's fast, has the reputation...
  2. Coolboy6

    Two red brawlers from Sonic fight (7/0/0)

    Knuckles vs Zavok both low 4-C, speed equalized Knuckles: 7 Zavok:
  3. King_Clab

    DEADLY SIX BATTLE ROYAL! (Sonic series)

    They fight in green hill zone No giant Zavok allowed They all start 20 meter away from each other They win via KO Who win's and Why? Votes: Zavok: 1 Zor: 0 Zazz: 0 Zeena: 0 Zomzom: 0 Master zik: 0
  4. Zamasu_Chan

    Massive Sonic the Hedgehog upgrades

    What is this Zamasu Chan? Short answer: An Upgrade Long Answer: A Sonic The Hedgehog CRT meant to upgrade the AP and speed of Base Character stats. MAXUMUM ANSWER?: It's a pretty long one >:) In Sonic CD (the classic game no one likes? Yeah that one) Sonic can time travel with sheer speed...
  5. Missy0124

    Infinite vs Zavok

    whio wins