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  1. Dust_Collector

    Zant Rework

    Just the standard "Make current bad profile good" CRT, dunno what to say. Comes with all the bells and whistles you expect, scans, references, so on and so forth. Eventually I'll do one of these for, ughhh vaati... Current Zant Profile New Zant Profile
  2. The_real_cal_howard

    Incredibly small Zant thing

    Zant’s helmet prevents freezing in BotW. Therefore ice resistance. That’s it That’s the thread
  3. Iamunanimousinthat

    Zant (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) vs. Prince Demand (Sailor Moon)

    Battle takes place on Earth in Crystal Tokyo. Speed Equal. Zant: Prince Demand: Inconclusive:
  4. EMagoIorSouI

    Zant VS. Thanos

    The Usurper King fights the Mad Titan himself. 5-A forms. Speed is equalized, and Thanos has the Power, Space, Time, and Soul stones. Thanos - 0 Zant - 0 Incon - 0
  5. Eficiente

    Zant vs Hyness... Kinda

    Speed = Zant: 5 (EMagoIorSouI, Kirby71, TriforcePower1, Inverted Tempest, Oblivion Lightning) Jammerjab: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Dust_Collector

    Some Zant additions

    Midna states that Zant is able to magically create light absorping crystals, this should give him Creation and Absorption.
  7. Inverted_Tempest

    Major Zelda Revisions II: Electric Boogaloo

    Continued from here. The topic of current discussio: Zant's High 4-C Feat Still needed to discuss: Wind Waker Ganon's 5-C to 4-C feat; Scaling for characters otherwise High 6-A, 5-C, Low 5-B or 5-A
  8. Dust_Collector

    Major Zelda revisions

    So this was all being discussed in another thread that's a bit of mess with several topics being discussed and new possible ratings for the characters being brought up so I've made a new thread to make the discussion easier to follow. In any case this will either end up with a lot of Zelda...
  9. Oblivion_Lightning

    Zant Upgrades(REDONE)

    The Legend Zelda Upgrades Zant Battle (High 4-C) I made a thread on this in the past and it was closed due to current revisions interfering with the hotheadedness process as it is now currently being debated on and is mainly agreed on The Feat:In the final phase of the fight Zant warps the...
  10. Oblivion_Lightning

    Zant Upgrade and Possible Zelda Upgrade

    The Feat In Zant's fight he warps the Twilight Realm and in the final phase you can see the sun in the background placing him at 4-C Evidence You may chalk this up to teleportation or BFR but it's clearly not the case.In the fight you can still see the Master Sword is still glowing as it does...
  11. Dust_Collector

    Zant vs Iron Man

    Iron Man is using his model 51 armour and speed is equalised. Zant: Iron Ma: Inconclusive:
  12. Dust_Collector

    Zant Powers and Abilities

    Zants page is quite lacking, so it's time for the boy with no bones to get a hax upgrade. Soul Manipulation: Already on his profile, just needs to be linked as such Dimensional Travel: Has this listed down already as Portal Creation, should be Dimensional Travel via Portal Creation...
  13. EMagoIorSouI

    Zant VS. Frieza

    The Usurper King takes on a planet destroying tyrant. Both have all their abilities to their disposal, however, Zant is bloodlust. Base Frieza is used. Speed is equalized. Zant - 5 (ShadowWarrior, Cal, Akreious, Lapitus, TriforcePower1) Frieza - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  14. The_real_cal_howard

    Zant ability

    What would Zant's power of being able to mimic the battles of Link's past boss fights? Keep in mind that Zant had no knowledge on any of Link's boss fights other than Stallord, who wasn't mimicked in Zant's fight. He mimicked the battles of Ook, Diababa, Medigoron, Morpheel, and Blizetta (I...