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yuga (the legend of zelda)

  1. Dust_Collector

    Fixing the Lifting Strength and Range for Zelda characters

    So after the large Zelda CRT that overhauled the tiers of all the characters, we forgot to also change the lifting strength and range for them. Several characters like Demise, Vaati, and Ganon have stellar and above range from when they still had their 4-A ratings but with the removal of those...
  2. VAVADevil32

    Battle for the Throne of Evil

    Maou Sadao (The Devil is a Part-Timer) Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) Who will win? Bloodthristy Both are High 6-A Speed Equalized Arena: Lorule Satan: 1 Yuga: Tie:
  3. The_real_cal_howard

    Link vs Yuga

    Now I know what you're thinking. This was already done in canon. Well think gain. This isn't ALBW Link but Classic Link. Both have the Triforce for Wisdom and Power. And that is all. Where it all began.
  4. PaChi2

    aiguL sv aguY

    Lugia and Base Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) SBA Speed equal Air-Water Burd
  5. TriforcePower1

    Manga vs Paintings

    Rohan Kishibe vs Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) Speed equalized, both start at 20 meters from each other This is middle of DiU Rohan, so no "thinks GG" Licking spiders intensify: Professor Oak has a point with this one: 3 (Sir Ovens, Schnee, Bambu) Inconclusive: The best mangaka around Best...
  6. TriforcePower1

    Evil Painter vs Blue Hedgehog

    Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Character) Speed equalized, first key for both, start at 20 meters from each other Painter: 1 (Bambu) Hedgehog: 1 (Dust) Janitor: Ganon, if he were a flamboyant evil painter
  7. TriforcePower1

    Evil Painter vs Suicidal Janitor

    Time to spam Yuga Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) vs Thunder McQueen (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Speed equalized Both start at 20 meters from each other 6-B key for Yuga Painter: 3 (PaChi, Bambu, The Divine Phoenix) Janitor: Thunderinconclusive: Ganon, if he were a flamboyant evil painter Uh...
  8. TriforcePower1

    Evil Painter vs Arrogant Hero

    Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) vs Gilgamesh (Fate Series) Speed equalized Both start at 10 meters of each other because neither are really snipers and fight best at close combat anyway 5-A for both SBA for everything else A guy (read it backwards): The King of Links: A janitor: Ganon, if he...
  9. PaChi2

    Typhus vs Yuga

    Typhus the Traveller vs Yuga (The Legend of Zelda) SBA Speed equal Thoughts? "I shall reap a terrible bounty from the death that I sow in your name, Father Nurgle..."
  10. Starter_Pack

    Neku vs. Yuga (An Emo Kid Fights Some Graffiti)

    One day, Neku Sakuraba and his partner, Shiki Misaki, were taking a breather before the next Reaper's Game was announced. They were passing through Miyashita Park on their way to Cat Street, when some of the art on the wall begins to move. Realizing it could be a Noise, the two stop just as a...
  11. TriforcePower1

    Pachi2!!! Giant Chicken vs Evil Painter: Giant Cucco vs Yuga (Zelda)

    Yuga: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuga_(The_Legend_of_Zelda) Giant Cucco: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giant_Cucco_(Hyrule_Warriors) Yuga's painting ability is restricted Yuga: Cucco:
  12. TriforcePower1

    The Demon vs The Evil Painter: Meliodas vs Yuga

    6-C version for both Speed Equalized Stardard Battle Assumptions Yuga : 2 (PaChi2, Cal) Meliodas : 0
  13. PaChi2

    Yuga vs Katakuri

    Yuga vs Charlotte Katakuri SBA. Speed equalized. 6-C Yuga if it wasn't obvious ovo Battle in Hyrule Castle from OoT.. Yuga knows that Katakuri is stronger than him, the rest, goes. And Katakuri cannot Destroy the environment. Turning it into Mochi is okay, tho.