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  1. Valiant_Abyss

    Mister Sinister (and possibly several others) Regeneration Revision

    Mister Sinister's regeneration is listed as Low-Mid for this statement of him claiming that his regeneration rivals Wolverine's who is listed as low-high. This is probably because Wolverine had his regeneration upgraded at some point, but Sinister was forgotten and left in the dust. Suggestion...
  2. LordTracer

    Wolverine Additions

    Laura Kinney is the one true Wolverine and I will say that on every thread I make about her. Better Quote (Added) I know there are people who disapprove... guys on the internet mainly. But I'm not replacing him. I don't really know what I'm doing yet. All I know is, while I'm wearing this...
  3. LordTracer

    Laura Regen Upgrade

    Laura's regen is currently Mid, but it notes her as being comparable to Logan, who has Low-High. Shouldn't Laura have Low-High regen as well?
  4. LordTracer

    The Wolverine v. Captain America (ADDED)

    Laura is the one true Wolverine and I will refer to her as such Speed unequalized, who takes the win here? The Wolverine: 7 (Phoenks, Ayewale, WarriorofMite, Bob8999, Ionliosite, Zark2099, Listentomyrhytm) Captain America: Inconclusive:
  5. LordTracer

    Wolverine Revision

    Um, Laura doesn't have anything in her AP section justifying her 9-A rating, and her 4-B justifications are pretty weak or just not 4-B at all. So I'm gonna try to fix that. - She takes dow Sabretooth, once with her claws and once without. - Beats Loga, on two separate occasions. - Takes out...
  6. LordTracer

    The Wolverine v. Black Bat (5-3-0)

    Now that the Marvel 8-As have been downgraded, I can finally do this. A battle between two of the best characters to ever come out of Marvel and DC. Both 9-A. Speed equalized. Laura: 5 (Sonuske, Sir Ovens, Zark2099, CalebTB12, Ayewale) Cass: 3 (Milly Rocking Bandit, Ionliosite, Modernmyrmido)...
  7. NoodIes67

    Wolverine's claws have durability negation?

    Hey just wondering what type of "durability negation" wolverine's claws have because as far as I'm aware it's just a really strong metal. I looked on the durability negation page, and none of the types seem to fit his claws. Just curious as to why we don't just say his claws have solar system AP.
  8. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Jotaro vs Wolverine but it's the R63 version

    Yeah, I'm not risking putting the JoJo poster boy and the X-Men poster boy against each other. Especially when we have a Jotaro homage and a Wolverine clone around. Speed equalized. SBA for everything else. Daidouji: 0 Laura: 1 (DMUA) Inconclusive: 0
  9. TheFinalOrder

    Sasuke vs X-23

    Location: Uchiha Hide Out SoM: In Character This is Hebi Sasuke Speed equal Starting distance: 3 Meters Who takes it?
  10. Ambaryerno

    X-23's Skeleton

    Only Laura's claws are bonded with adamantium. Her skeleton is natural bone, which is more durable than normal because of her healing factor. It also means her healing factor is significantly faster than Wolverine's.
  11. Notadeadguy

    Leone vs X-23

    Just a simple duel at the bottom of a cliff. Who would win and why?