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worms (verse)

  1. SamanPatou

    Worms tier revision

    Pretty straightforward, the Worms are assumed to be human sized but I don't think they should. In all games, even the most recent ones, the worms are shown to be much smaller than little animals and objects, even smaller than some real worms. They should be 10-C instead, because even their...
  2. Ahmed_berserker

    Siren Head vs Worms

    Both 9-B Speed unequalized Battle takes place on the siren head's Forest Both In Character 8 Worms Are Being Used win by Death
  3. Ahmed_berserker

    Worm Vs Cuphead (Remake)

    cuphead 9-B Worm vs 9-A Cuphead Speed Equalized
  4. Jackythejack

    Kenny vs Bonesaw

    why not. Speed is equalized, Bonesaw has a day of prep and understand how Kenny works, and Kenny has two hours of prep and doesn't know Bonesaw's full capabilities. Who wins and why. Kenny McCormick Bonesaw
  5. Tonygameman

    Lemmings VS Worms

    Both are 9-B and their speed is equalized. I got a right music for this fight. Lemming (Lemmings): 0 Worm (Worms): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Tonygameman

    Fortnite VS Worms

    Both are 9-B and their speed is equalized. The Player (Fortnite Battle Royale): 0 Worm (Worms): 0 Inconclusive: 0