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wile e. coyote

  1. Da_Lunge_Fish

    Roadrunner should scale to Coyote.

    This one is very straight forward; Roadrunner should definitely scale to Coyote. Speed is obvious, as Coyote was never capable of keeping up with Roadrunner. He also should scale AP wise, considering how he could directly stun Coyote numerous times, like here .
  2. Tonygameman

    Looney Tunes Ability Revisions (Part 2)

    I almost forgot to add other abilities in the previous thread, so here they are if you guys agree with them. Bugs Bunny Resistance to Disintegratio Elmer Fudd Likely returned from this (Possibly higher Regenerationn type than Mid?) Homing Attack Empathic Manipulation Possible Duplication...
  3. Eldi_Osmenaj

    Looney Tunes secondary characters revision

    Wile.E Coyote He has a ton of abilities with his arsenal and a few one time abilities on his own like minor plot manipulation,water manipulation,duplication,flight,teleportation,invisibility,immortality type 2,telekinesis,earth manipulation,speed amplification,transmutation,magneism,size...
  4. Cropfist

    Dr. Eggman vs Wile E. Coyote (speed equalized)

    Battle of the gadget-users obsessed with catching an animal speedster. Both have their MSS weapons and speed equalized.