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water manipulation


    water manip

    Name some characters who are notable for water manip Example: water type pokemon, kisame
  2. Fireld

    Plasma and Electricity speed in different environments?

    Do they change denpending on the evironments, for example when travel conductors such as salty water or metals, intead of travelling in the air? Is this taken into account for calcs?
  3. Ricsi-viragosi

    Water Creation is not a calcable feat

    Yeah, well... supposedly this is standard? There was this Calc assuming that conjuring water is moving electrons to form water molecules. Now... I think we all understand why this is a crazy assumption. Better however, is that this has no innate Ap, of course. Instead, the only way to squeeze...
  4. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    FIlling the center of the Earth with water

    As mentioned by the Lilypad in Plants vs Zombies: Heroes, Neptuna flooded Hollow Earth with "vast new oceans". It is mentioned that Hollow Earth is in fact the Earth's core. What would the energy yield need to be to create enough water to fill the Earth's core?
  5. Read_this_post

    Surviving under the ocean

    If somebody gets thrown underwater (said person is biologically a normal human) and is thrown under an extreme ocean depth with almost no negative effects, can it be calculated as a durability feat? Take GJ 1214 b for example. If someone were to be thrown into the bottom of this ocean, and land...
  6. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    Minor Natsu ( And fire magic users.) downgrade

    So, so far Natsu's fire magic has shown to have a weakness twice so far and it's directly stated by Ignia, the Fire Dragon God that Fire Magic is weak to Water Magic. under normal circumstances this would be PIS however it's happened twice now and we have a direct statement by a knowledgeable...
  7. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    How hot does fire need to be to light under water?

    Just out of curiosity how hot would fire need to be to accomplish such a feat? I'm aware that Thermite can do this, however this isn't done with thermite. It's just Luffy creating flames under water without any assistance from anything like that. For reference here's what it looks like.
  8. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Bluest Character for Every Tier

    As long as we're grasping at straws for these "_____est of Every Tier" threads. Blue as in the color, not sad or any other definition. I'm looking for largest in size Tier 0: High 1-A: 1-A: High 1-B: 1-B: Low 1-B: High 1-C: 1-C: Low 1-C: High 2-A: 2-A: UlforceVeedramo 2-B: Dialga...
  9. Dargoo_Faust

    Largest Bust Size for Every Tier

    Ground Rules: This is a joke thread. Have fun, but if I notice people getting inapropriate, I will close this. Do not, and I repeat, do not post nude images here. I will remove comments and report like any other comment. I will close if more than one person does this. This includes links to...
  10. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Aqua's Weakness Addition

    So, do you remember when she got shitstomped by some toads? Well, that's because they are immune to water abilities. All of Aqua's ability has a water attributes on it and the resistance to water abilities means resistance to almost all of her abilities. Immunity is even worse, it makes Aqua...
  11. Imaginym

    Tsunami/Tidal wave feats?

    I'm curious about these. 1. I know it depends on size, so, accounting for how size can vary, what kind of yield ranges do tidal waves/tsunamis yield? Big ones, medium ones, small ones? 2. If someone survives a tsunami or tidal wave which destroys nearby structures, like buildings, is it known...